6 Game Series That Could Have Really Helped the Vita

"When the PS Vita launched it was known for being a pretty powerful handheld device, it was easy to imagine what some of your favorite game series would be like if you could take them anywhere you went. Here’s six franchises I think could have brought the PlayStation Vita to greater heights." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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naruga557d ago (Edited 557d ago )

i say you dont know a fk about games ....all of them are games that have their audience on main consoles and wouldnt gather not even a fly on Vita ...they have zero appealing as mobile games (even as home console games , except LOUS i didnt like any of them) and it was proven twice with Uncharted abyss and KIllzone, two well made games for their genre that ultimately failed to push the console .....Vita was needing AAA japanese support with Monster Hunter , Tekken exclusive for it, a Splatton type of game , a serious AAA made JRPG like Final Fantasy (even a an excusive FInal for Vita) ...i would propose a a serious Resident evil for it etcetc ...western made games for Vita were ultimately failed to bring success to the console almost in any area and Vita is the ultimate proof (along with XOne) that without japanese support you CANT go anywhere

Darkfist_Flames556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

i have to agree with you about Uncharted abyss and KIllzone, it doesn't matter how good those game are, they arent suitable to play as portable games, even borderlands 2 which was great on vita(which is the console experience on the go), but hardly anyone cared.

MetalGearsofWar556d ago

Same could be said on GTA, GOW, MGS. Main console games that had success on PSP.
Sony didnt push Vita as much as they did PSP, thats why it failed.

isarai557d ago

Im sorry but no, none of those really fit the portable market and have console versions that would easily be far superior. Really the biggest hit would have been Monster Hunter, i bought a vita thinking Capcom would simply keep supporting sony with this series like they did with the psp, but they never did for whatever reason.

PhoenixUp557d ago

There was no dramatically helping Vita

CocoaBrother557d ago

Better memory card prices could've helped. Asking for $80 for a 32gig memory card was highway robbery.

RosweeSon556d ago

I agree with GTA being as psp got liberty and vice city stories, God of war collection was great but psp got 2 exclusive versions, no Gran turismo, no exclusive metal gear like psp got peace Walker these are some of Sony's biggest franchises and not a whiff for Vita except collections like god of war 1/2 and metal gear 2/3, don't get me wrong great games but new exclusive vita versions that the psp got so many of, they were lacking.

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The story is too old to be commented.