Dragon Quest: The Most Underappreciated JRPG in the West

We all know who the kings of the JRPG throne are. Final Fantasy, Tales, Pokémon, they’re all at the tip of the tongue. But what about Dragon Quest?

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Relientk77349d ago

Dragon Quest VIII is amazing and really looking forward to Dragon Quest XI

3-4-5348d ago

Have DQ 7&8 to play on my 3DS but kind of waiting until I'm in the moon to play them. Really looking forward to playing Dragon Quest XI though and I really hope they bring it over. Looks like a ton of fun and by far the best looking in the series.

kalkano349d ago (Edited 349d ago )

"This is for good reason – after all, the series only made the international jump in its eighth main installment in 2005."


The only mainline games that we didn't get are the original versions of 5 and 6, and 10. Edit: Ah, it seems you're talking about Europe.

"The original Dragon Quest – known as Dragon Warrior in Japan"

Dragon Quest has always been called Dragon Quest in Japan. It was initially called Dragon Warrior in the west, due to the Dragon Quest name already being taken.

"Given the series’ questionable success in the West, who knows whether the next game in the series, Dragon Quest XI, will receive a Western release."

It is 100% guaranteed to be released in the west. Nothing to worry about.

Bottom line, the DQ series has always been lackluster in the graphical department, and that is the #1 reason for it's lack of western success.

348d ago
Fist4achin348d ago

What about bringing the series to other consoles instead of just Nintendo? The last dragon quest was 8 on the ps2. I'm not counting the DQH series, just the main.

JayPi3348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

I appreciate the Dragon Quest series way more than Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix, the stories tend to be more mature and treat the characters world with respect without the need for over-complicating things, and the art style style makes you think it's going to be a cutesy game, but it does touch on a lot of heavy themes such as dark magic, slavery (in DQ 8) , Morality, Racism, and more.

While Final Fantasy tends to focus on Crystals, overly complicated plot lines, and worlds. Dragon Quest's best aspects are the characters themselves, and their simple but meaningful struggles.

kalkano348d ago

FF6-10 are some of my favorite games of all time. But, as it stands now, I no longer care about the series. So, yeah, Dragon Quest has leapfrogged it for me. Never thought that would happen.

SegaGamer348d ago

Dragon Quest has also stuck to it's roots with it's gameplay. With Final Fantasy, instead of sticking to what the true fans love, they have tried to make the series more appealing to the casual fans.

kevnb348d ago

They never really tried marketing it they way it should be.

JayPi3348d ago

True. It's disappointing the game could be so much more, but they'd rather show off the next Final Fantasy over great Dragon quest games then wonder why it's failing.

Darkfist_Flames348d ago

If they do it right, the new game could became a big hit in the west like persona 5.

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