GamesRadar: Gears of War 2: Most improved sequel ever?

GamesRadar: "Gears Of War 2 was always going to be a tricky prospect for Epic. Just how do you approach the follow-up to such an all-conquering media behemoth? Do you take the 'more of the same, but better?' angle, safe in the knowledge that the original was good enough to coast by on, but risking Zelda-like criticisms of over-familiarity? Or do you throw in new ideas all over the place in an effort to move things forward, but take a chance on alienating your audience?

Thankfully, from what we've played so far - around 80% of Gears 2's first act - it seems that Epic has taken an intelligent and well-judged approach to its biggest ever sequel, straddling a satisfying line between both philosophies. During our play-through, Gears 2 certainly delivered us a comfortable framework that we could drop straight back into, but that framework also served as a foundation for a much more textured and multi-dimensional game all round.

Read on, friends, and find out why Gears Of War 2 might be the most rewarding action sequel we've seen in a long time."

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running rampid3648d ago

gears 2= all kinds of awesome.

Maldread3648d ago

Bigger, better, more badass then hehe ;)

Either way, the game looks great. If i had a 360, i would pick it up day one.