20° Gears of War 2 Hands-on Preview: New campaign details revealed writes: "The most reassuring thing about our mammoth hands-on session with Gears of War 2 Act One came right at the end. As mysterious spiritual COG Tai goes toe to toe with a Skorge, the new predator-inspired Locust complete with cool spinning-blade-on-end-of-staff weapon, a Microsoft policeman came over to our test 360 and turned it off. "That's all you're allowed to see, I'm afraid," he said. Sadness overcame us, as well as a burning desire to keep on playing. So what did we do? We jumped onto another console and played through the first act all over again."

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running rampid3725d ago

sounding awesome. can't wait for gears 2. sh!ts gonna be intense!

*it never ends*