Gears 2 isn't Gears 1.5, Cliff Bleszinski insists

Speaking to at a recent hands-on preview event in London, Epic games designer Bleszinski rejected criticism from some quarters that Gears of War 2 is too similar to the first game, released in late 2006.

He said: "I'd say that if you fired up Gears 2 and a Beserker burst through the wall and chased you around, or it got dark and then you had to do little light dark puzzles with Kryll, that would be a valid criticism. But none of those things are in Gears 2.

"We instead have opted for far more interesting and compelling things like the truck sequence, the Rock Worm, taking people hostage, shipping with many many more multiplayer modes, having things like Horde as well as these gobs of new weapons, as well as a deeper, darker storyline. I think it really adds up to be truly Gears of War 2."

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Si-Pie3700d ago

Actually it isnt sorry MainEv3nt69!

zimbo0073699d ago

against the likes of Killzone 2 and Resistance2
seriously EPIC this Fall will be very bad for u

BTW KZ2 beta footage pwns all shooters OMG

Maddens Raiders3699d ago


Gears will not live up to the hype this time around. Nothing earth shattering there and the graphics don't blow anything away...especially in terms of games like MGS4, LBP, and KILLZONE 2. It will sell well among the die-hard faithful, but overall this really is just Gears 1.5.

rosebowl233699d ago

yup. this game even re-uses levels from Gears 1, literally.

beoulve3699d ago

okay it's not 1.5. Then how bout 1.1?

ozsman3699d ago

COME ON GUYS...........Try harder next time.
Why do u care so much that this game is looking much better than the first one and constantly SPAMMING saying ps3 games are better. Do u think people cant see what your doing.

Next time your just about to spam a 360 thread AGAIN. just remind yourself NOBODY here cares what you have to say!!!!

3699d ago
marinelife93699d ago

I'm not saying that Gears 2 is 1.5 or not. However the mere fact that Cliff has to address the conception in the first place is bad for Gears 2. No one is asking Insomniac whether Resistance 2 is 1.5. Or Guerilla with Killzone 2.

Bungie had the same problem with Halo 3 some were calling it 2.5.

Anton Chigurh3699d ago


then what about Resistance ???

Fanboys are really desperate nowadays

ArmrdChaos3699d ago

I guess we will see which one sells more. Graphics are great but in the end it is all about gameplay and attach rates.

Snukadaman_3699d ago

I just cant understand how people are saying this game looks like crap or its just gears 1.1...theres new ways to play the game...weapons...tactics... There are only a couple of games I have pre paid for this season....fable2,fallout3 and this game. of course this game will also live up to the hype with double the installed base of the first game.

TheMART3699d ago

Ow Maddy

Don't you have a broken PS3 to stare at while waiting for Restistance 1.1 instead of biatching around here?

silverchode3699d ago

mart you do know its more probable for you to have a broken 360 then madden having a broken ps3.

Snukadaman_3699d ago do you lose a game when your 15-0 at halftime....ask the oakland raiders..the epitome of failure.

PimpDaddy3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I'm a Raiders fan too. Besides if your a true Raiders fan you have come to expect the Raiders to blow any lead. 2 weeks in a row, blown leads, heartbreaking losses.

I do have to agree though on Maddens Raiders being a Sony tool.

Gears 2 will be a true sequel. Here are some definitions for Sequel.

1. Something that follows something else
2. A part added to a book or play that continues and extends it
3. That which follows; a succeeding part; continuation; as, the sequel of a man's advantures or history
4. A literary work, movie, etc., that is complete in itself but continues the narrative of a preceding work
5. A sequel is a work in literature, film, or other media that portrays events following those of a previous work.

All this 1.5 nonsense is FUD being spread my Sony fanboys who are afraid of the success of Gears Of War 2. We can thank Ken Kuturagi and his Xbox 360 is really just Xbox 1.5 PR statements for this continuing crap.

Snukadaman_3699d ago

Cmon man...they was dominating for that whole half....come the second half they fall apart...My team is different..they suck the first half but come on strong on the end where it counts....but agree with you on your other points 100% man...its all good though cause you know this charger-raiders rivalry will continue until we meet on the field again.

Bathyj3699d ago

Theres so much funny in this thread, I thought I'd try to reply to a few of you.

1.1 Snappy Comeback.

1.3 BINGO!

1.6 Well Cliff is addressing his critics, which is these guys, so its only fair they have some kind of forum, like I dunno, a forum to respond. PS Just remember the reverse is true too. No one cares what you think either.

1.8 Excellent point. It reminds me of Dennis Dyack pleading with us to keep and open mind or not to right off Too Human or some such nonsense before it even came out. He should make a Youtube video. "Leave Too Human ALOOOOOOOONE !"

1.9 What about Resistance. A launch game does something Xb still cant do, 40 player, SMOOTH online play. You would think they had no room to improve, that the glass ceiling was right on their heads, yet they made a massive campain, a whole separate campain for 8 player co-op (can you have 8 players on your team in Gears?) and 30 on 30 online. Dude, massive isn't the word for it. Has good as Killzone will be, even that wont match R2 for scale.

1.11 You agree huh? There a startling revelation. Weapons and tactics? Now you care about those things. but when I pointed out Gears lack of good weapons and that I essenially played the game through with just the lancer, no one cared for the critique. And no sh*t you've only pre ordered a couple games this year. You only have an XBox. I've pre orders a dozen of them, but only Gears and Fable for XB. And what do you mean it will live up to the hype with double the install base? Whats one got to do with the other? To your kind Big Sales=Good game right? No one said it wouldn't sell. What else are you going to play, you've been waiting nearly a year for a couple good games. By your logic GTA4 must be one of the best games ever made, and GT would be the best racer. At least you got that right, nice call.

1.12 Ha. Why would I talk to Mart? She made no sense at all. I'd rather talk to the scab on my knee.

1.14 You again. I would have thought M$'s QA department was "the epitome of failure."

I have not ripped into Gears at all, so just remember that if you feel the need to attack me now. Why would I rip one of the two XB games I'll be getting for the rest of the year. Time to dust the old girl off. Hope she doesn't RRod after sleeping so long.

Snukadaman_3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Congrats for you on owning all the consoles...I only own the ones I think are relevant at this point....the wii,psp,ds,and xbox...I dont know how you played gears of war with just a lancer...there were many times I used the shotgun in single player mode....sounds like you played a one dimensional game...thank god multiplayer saved gears of war for me cause thats all I played for 3 months straight. what is m$ qa department...are you trying to say research and development..which in fact I do agree with you on that point...oh wait..your saying quality assurance..I also agree with you there.

I really find it hard to believe someone would go through gears of war with just the lancer...when those parts where the sniper rifle came up you didnt just carry it and pop some heads....when the grenade launcher came up you didnt enjoy blowing a couple of them up...cmon now.

Bathyj3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Maybe I should have worded that better. My bad. I didnt mean to make it sound like I didnt use anyother weapons, just 90% of the time it was the Lancer.

Obviously there were parts where you were supposed to use the Hammer of Dawn, and I did. The grenade launcher I suppose has nothing wrong with it although I would prefer it underslung on an assault rifle. Nevermind, a small niggle. The Sniper rifle I didn't much care for. It didn't feel as good as other Snifles like Halo1 for example and it didn't really suit the style of gameplay in MY book, which could be wrong I admit. The shotty I didn't like at all. It felt like it had no range, even for a shotty. Sometimes I think I had to get so close with it, I might as well use the Chainsaw.

I guess my point was, for a shooter, the weapons (to me) were either boring or ineffectual. In fact, if not for the chainsaw they were flatout bog standard. And that a big thing. I like tha game but try playing a race game where you dont like any cars in it but one or two. You'll feel it could of been better.

I haven't followed what the weapons will be like in GeoW2 but I hope they've put more imagination into them this time.

PS3 is a very relevant console, even if you can't/won't see it. I bet you will have one in the next 12 months unless your own stubborness forbids you. Good luck with that.

AAACE53699d ago

How can you compare Gears 2 to Killzone 2 or Resistance? You are comparing a TPS to 2 FPS!

Nobody cares. You are looking foward to KZ 2 and R2 because they will be good games! But all your negative comments just say that you are pissed off for having to wait this long for another great game to play! To me it seems like MGS 4 was just released yesterday, but to you it must feel like decades!

360 owners have had quality games to play all year, while you got MGS 4 and have to wait until October to get another great game to play.... Whose getting screwed here?

Gears is a sequel because it advances the story and adds new features. God of war 2 didn't look any better than GoW 1, but no one complained about that! If you keep basing great games on graphics... then you won't have many games to play! As long as the graphics look good enough to please you, then that's all that matters!

The Xbox 1 was almost 3 times more powerful than the Ps2, but that didn't help it much. And all sony fans could say was the Ps2 games didn't look as good as the Xbox's games but they were more fun! What happened since that time, huh?

Xelai3699d ago

Saying that MGS4 has excellent graphics, hehehe, that was REAL funny, the CGI cutscenes look awesome, but lovely fanatics of PS3, those are not ingame graphics, sorry to point out.

And about Killzone 2, the graphics we are seeing are mostly Youtube videos, impossible to see anything for good or bad.

If it really has impressive graphics, nice for it, if the longest, most expensive development time, as well as the biggest team cant get it done, then nothing will.

You should worry about gameplay, soyou guys dont get another empty beautiful casket again.

Bathyj3698d ago

Man its funny when someone tries to troll but are so stupid they actually end up paying a compliment without realising it.

You're a perfect example.

They is no CGI in MGS4 you tool, or any MGS game for that matter. Yep, hate to burst your bubble (being sarcastic there, I actually love doing it) but all the cut scenes are game engine, rendered "on the fly" or realtime if you prefer, and are the same charactor models, textures, everything used in game. The only difference is its possible to use more effects in a cut scene as you dont have to worry about AI, physics and so on.

Hey even POG, or Mart would back me up on this, unless they are total fools. They are die hards but at least they're educated enough to see I'm right here.

You need to do some research or find another way of getting attention.

I've seen 720p videos of KZ2 on PSN, trust me, we have nothing to worry about, and oh, isn't a casket a little box M$ sends you after you enevitably RRoD?

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MainEv3nt 693700d ago

actually it is i played it and X08 and i played gears 1

Si-Pie3700d ago

Ok define a sequel? "A sequel is a work in literature, film, or other media that portrays events following those of a previous work." So does Gears 2 tell the same story as gears 1 or is it a continuation? Whats are you refering to as 1.5?

Willio3699d ago

Well, Gears 1 had no story to be fair and the player was jumped into areas without a lead up such as the main character's mansion therefore not making it a true sequel. Since there was no story except the *Survival theme,* people are refering the game as 1.5 because nothing was added to the mix except "Horde" multiplayer.

Si-Pie3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I see what your saying but still im going by the dictionary definition of a sequel. Wether Gears 1 had much of a story or not is irrelevant whats relevant is that gears 2 is not the same. Dialogue is different, different settings, different battles etc. Trouble is everyone has their own definition and are arguing over it. My definition of 1.5 is exactly the same game but improved i.e same missions, same path and same everything but just improved. Anyway I dont mean cause any offense to anyone like Main and if people want to call it 1.5 then thats up to you and your opinion but no need for people to bash the game and argue.If you dont like the game then dont get it its as simple as that.



It don't have to be like that.

Look at Metal Gear. Not just the last one, the series. They never put up a sequel just for doing it, even having one of the best narratives around. Kojima actually build up for new content, new gameplay features, new chars, news...

Putting up sequences just because you can milk it is exactly what have killed Halo for me (Bungie fan from Marathon times), and for sure it can make the same for many games, independent of platforms.

Some games are less exposed to it, like those without a proper narrative (fighting, racing, sports, musical games). Some other, with or without a good narrative, can get repetitive faster.

Just look to Tomb Raider, it was great at first, but after the third game no one cares any more, about the sixth game we all wanted to kill Eidos. Then they give it sometime and rethinked the series with Legend. Great, after that they put up Anniversary. Now they are submitting Underworld and I don't know anyone who cares, this will be just another Tomb Raider...

And Tomb Raider never was "behind" the games of its times, actually the first ones that was a bit in front of it. But that don't matter. Just like Halo never was behind other shooters, but after the first, most other shooters have everything Halo do.

Don't matter if you are on the top spot. If you don't have improved enough, don't put up a sequel.

Si-Pie3699d ago

I see what your saying but then you can apply that to alot of moves to e.g Jurassic Park, Mummy films and the list goes on. Listen im not saying gears 2 will be light years ahead of gears 1 all im saying is that like it or not its a sequel i.e No 2 in the series. Im not commenting on any technical advances until I actually play the game.

power of Green 3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

#2.4 is FullOfShit...

It is expected any fanboy from either side would have a different gage on what constitutes as an sequel

Example: A fanboy might think a Tomb Raider sequel would have to have a Man in it that uses gadgets instead, having to go to MARS and find secrets.

A fanboy would fight the real meaning depending on his agenda.

Remember many Xbox hits are part of a trilogy story arc or are atleast told in parts with-in the same unfinished story yet not true trils (GOW series).

This fool bringing up some crazy Japanese series that is all over the place and made a generational(PS2/PS3) leap from the last to the latest sequel, is not a good example(MGS4).

"The most obvious approach is for the events of the second work to directly follow the events of the first, either picking up dangling plot threads or introducing a new conflict to drive the events of a second story"

Willio3699d ago

The MGS sequels during the ps2 era still had innovations from its predessor even after the generation jump. Furthermore, just because you do not agree with others' opinions does not constitute any person to call them fanboys. It makes u look childish.

BISHOP-BRASIL3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

I get your points people, but this isn't movies, we are talking about games. Story really need connection between first game and sequel and that should be enough to make a new movie, but this should be interactive refreshing for games.

I'm not saying every game have to be the second coming, I do bought Halo 2, God Of War 2 and tons of Tomb Raider's (A guy??? Are you crazy POG? I don't have said NOTHING about putting a guy on the game, nor do I think Uncharted was that revolutionary - but much better than last Tomb Raiders indeed, much thanks to animation, better history, better combat, but that's it, better isn't equal to revolutionary).

But this kind of strategy, releasing a new game just to do it, is what have killed Halo and Tomb Raider for me, it can indeed kill God Of War next year if we see just a God Of War HD, it can kill Uncharted as it can very well kill Gears Of War (not really for me, I don't liked the first).

But, in the God Of War case, I might just buy it anyway. I bought Devil May Cry and played the hell of Ninja Gaiden Sigma rented (I did have Ninja Gaiden Black on Xbox) complaining both were familiar all the way, but still beat both. That's because I'm more inclined to this genre in games, Uncharted 2, if much like 1, would not have the same luck.

People might not care if Gear or Halo or Resistance or whatever shooter you like, get familiar too fast, because they are more inclined to those genres. This don't mean everybody will just be happy with any sequel (the same goes for any genre).

And don't have to be Japanese games POG. Splinter Cell made some good transitions by adding up new gadgets, that give you some new possibilities. Prince Of Persia also made a good transition (3D era) from the much acrobatic first game, to the more combat focused second and the chase-scenes on third one. Fable is another game looking to have some great new stuff (I just wished Molyneux shut up, he alone is talking more than Too Human entire crew, defending its game before reviews even come out, like making excuses for what?).

It really isn't dependant on platform or genre. I know I play the games on my fav genre regardless, but those different games, I prefer to take new experiences, not old ones in new cloths. Don't mean the new cloths don't make it any better, don't mean you can't ou shouldn't buy those games, don't mean Gears is doomed (I never said that, even because I'm not following close, didn't like the first one so it can't go much down for me and, last but not least, I was talking about the risk in remaining the same game with new narrative, Tomb Raider was just that extreme example).

Edit: @Willio

I don't even care man, I don't discuss so I don't feed it. Just reported as offensive (Full Of **** huh) and let it go, mods can take care of it.

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MainEv3nt 693699d ago

listen i dont want to argue its childish in MY opinion its gears 1.5 and your opinion its not which is fine and im not a fanman because i own ps3 and 360 and will be getting gears 2 and R2

Anton Chigurh3699d ago

Did you play gears 2 ??

then how in hell you call it 1.5 ?? and you are not a fanboy ???

Give me a break

Si-Pie3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

hey man im not arguing and agree with you it is childish but all I was saying is that my definition of 1.5 is the same game but improved where as a sequel is a different story or continuation using the same characters and theme.

lagoonalight3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

overrated movie

and I am from MN

hometown of directors

stop, you are not him, never will be

sorry, but I hate that movie

Cheeky Gamer3699d ago

You clearly know bugger all about what sequels usually involve, so why don't you just jog along like a nice little boy?

Gears of War 2 is Gears of War 2 - simple. To call it Gears of War 1.5 is to be entirely unaware of what has been added to make this a definitive sequel. Seriously, go play the first game again and you will understand how stupid your commment sounds.

zimbo0073699d ago

plus did u see the Killzone 2 footage

OMG seriously EPIC GAMES its over for u

PS3n3603699d ago

Seriously? STFU. you say the same goddamn thing in every article. Take your regurgitated fangirl nonsense to the open zone were it belongs. KZ 2 will look good and so will gears 2. I unlike you will play both and enjoy both. If you can only give out enough handjobs to afford one game perhaps your doing it wrong, ask your dad for some tips.

light3699d ago

shut up about your killzone crap. We will talk about it when it actually comes out.... "Actually"

MainEv3nt 693699d ago

i have played the 1st one lots of time and to me adding a few new guns, maps and new ways to finish players off doesnt sound like a true sequel to me

light3699d ago

You are generous calling it 1.5.. It is more like 1.01

3699d ago
Boldy3699d ago

Just curious MainEvent, what do you consider an actual +1.0 sequal?

NipGrip3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Sounds like it would have been DLC for GoW1.

And Drealmcc0y, how many minutes have you played it to make any kind of judgement over his experience? Zero so yeah. But hey, I guess since Epic INSISTS it's not simply what could have been done with an addon pack, you'll buy it up and defend it without ever playing it. Then chastise those that have played it say it's about the extent of an add-on pack. Good job.

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