Gears 2: 16 amazing new screens released

VG247: Microsoft and Epic released 16 fantastic Gears of War 2 shots today, as part of the lifting of an embargo on coverage from a recent London press event for the game.

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Capt CHAOS3676d ago

Now I can see why the title says '16 amazing new screens released' and not '16 AMAZING new screens released!!'

Good but not mind blowing. I'm thinking I might steer away from this one because if I remember back, the environments were too restrictive. I think I'll hit Fallout 3 instead.

zimbo0073676d ago

looked decent but not amazing

zimbo0073676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

LOL at Gears 1.1


haha looks even worse than Gears1


arent u even ashamed to say that.

Resistance 2 all the way.PLUS R2 has color too not washed out like this


360 man3676d ago

those graphics look amazing wat are you talking about

shutterspeed3676d ago

"No. This is not a spoon because my company didn't make it"
Retarded PS3 fanboys.

kewlkat0073676d ago

On the last shot, is that flamethrower shot or explosion?

Dareaver13676d ago

it's one of those exploding creatures