Should Game Prices Increase? An In-Depth Look at the Games Industry

Game prices are relatively cheap in the modern day. I know forking over $60 doesn’t sound very cheap, but considering the prices haven’t adjusted much for inflation since the 90s, I’d say it isn’t all that bad. That and the fact that our current gaming market includes stores like GameStop selling used games at a fraction of the price and online services with insane deals on games like Steam and the online console stores shows how easy it is to be a gamer in the modern day.

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Godmars290292d ago

At this point between DLC and microtransactions being things, and now the games as services mentality, those will continue to be things along with any official general price increase.

freshslicepizza292d ago

Well you can't really have your cake and eat it too. As budgets spiral out of control and mass amounts spent on AAA marketing something has to give unfortunately. Luckily we have much more choices today than we have ever had in gaming platforms and price scaling.

Godmars290292d ago

"Well you can't really have your cake and eat it too."

That is exactly what publishers have been trying to do with DLC and microtransactions. And by forcing games out earlier than they should to meet quarterly deadlines. Slicing out content to make DLC, or unbalancing titles with micros.

Nevermind that much of increased costs comes from marketing, or that devs and coders live like migrant workers while project heads, CFOs and up, along with stockholders see most if not all of any profit.

Goldby292d ago

if i was being guaranteed a solid gaming experiences and a complete story and next no no bug/gamebreaking bugs,
i'd pay up 100$ as i do in some cases

Apocalypse Shadow292d ago

If games go higher in price, I'll just wait a little bit longer than normal for a price drop or a discount on most of them to get them cheaper.

Won't change much from my point of view even though I can afford it. I don't need to be one of the first to play games at launch like I used to do.

eferreira291d ago

What's interesting is that people whine and complain about a 6-8 hour game being too short and not worth the $60 price tag. Will they do the same thing if it were a $120 game for over 60 hours worth of content?

KickSpinFilter291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

Nope!, I would buy much much less. Even if the price increase included DLC
This gen so far I purchased 22 games, with a price increase of $20 I'd be more at like 7 games.
I hardly ever buy DLC, I did for Driveclub, ISS, UC4, and probably would for HZD

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The story is too old to be commented.