Point/Counterpoint: Fable II, LittleBigPlanet, and Patches

Wired's Chris Kohler writes:

"Should game developers plan on patching promised features into their games instead of shipping them on the disc?

I don't know, so I'm fighting it out with myself.

Microsoft said Friday that its upcoming Xbox 360 game Fable II won't feature the game's cooperative online play mode at launch. Instead, the company will add the feature later via a patch, which developer Lionhead is hoping will be ready for the first week of the game's availability.

This news comes, perhaps not entirely coincidentally, immediately following Sony's announcement that its PlayStation 3 game LittleBigPlanet will not include its online cooperative game creation mode out of the box. It, too, will come in the form of a patch "as quickly as possible."

The news here isn't that developers are promising things that they cannot deliver before the game's release date. That's been happening like clockwork ever since videogames were invented. The news is that rather than delaying the games further, both Sony and Microsoft are choosing to release incomplete products early, on the assumption that they will be able to complete the games' development soon after the disc has been pressed.

Since I can't decide whether this will be overall good or bad, I have decided to hold a point-counterpoint on the issue, below. I will be arguing both sides."

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chaosatom3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Resistance 2 will come head on with 8-player co-op and 60-player multiplayer battles.

no need to patch this baby!

When it comes to patching games like LBP, I can see the reason.
There is so many types of co-op like offline playing the levels, online playing the levels, online creating levels, offline creating levels, offline co-op mixed with online co-op.

So yeah, it's ok if they patch it.

Drekken3727d ago

I dont mind patches, but it gets to a point that it is ridiculous.

Xi3727d ago

I remember way back when people were arguing about SNES vs genesis and such, the problems were much more about games being delayed or broken at launch, at least now we have some means to fix the problem.

I think games need to be polished for launch, but adding features later on to the game because you wanted/had to get it into the players hands by a deadline is also as important, so why not cut the less important features till after.