Tekken 7 claims series' first No.1 in almost 20 years [UK Charts]

Bandai Namco's PS4, Xbox One and PC fighter Tekken 7 has debuted at the top of the UK All Formats Top 40.

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Killa7873d ago

Won a copy at a tournament at my local hame store.

Loving it!

_-EDMIX-_73d ago

Absolutely amazing!!

Even as a longtime Tekken fan I just never saw this game topping the charts at number one this is extremely unprecedented!

Congratulations Namco Bandai!!

This game topped the number one charts out of nowhere I would have never thought.

TheOttomatic9173d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Jesus Christ I thought UK hated Tekken nice to see it getting some love.

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