'Overwatch': console report function needed; some players use DDoS to rank ahead

Console version of 'Overwatch' might need to add a report button to prevent and address issues like hacking the game to get ahead of other players

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FlameWater170d ago

I don't play OW but what's the point of ranking up if you're not even that good?

Derceto169d ago

The joys of online gaming.

DFresh169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

Most leaderboards for every game are hacked anyway.
It's hard to combat hackers no matter how good your software is.
Who has that type of time to get to those levels/ranks?
Unless gaming is their career which are very few people or that game is your life and you don't have any type of interaction with people or social life I just don't see it.
Though I admire the people who have that type of commitment to grind and level up the leaderboards.