Hironobu Sakaguchi teases us his brand new game, full reveal in June.

He is working on 2 projects, one for consoles.

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N7_Man506d ago

Yes, i assume it will be on PS4, Switch and xbox

XiNatsuDragnel506d ago

I'll say Switch, PS4, and PC you meant

donthate506d ago

The article suggest that Hironobu Sakaguchi is retweeting Xbox stuff, and also had a strong relationship with MS making both Blue Dragon and then Lost Odyssey, so it might be an Xbox exclusive. Perhaps that was what Phil Spencer was checking on his trip to Japan recently.

XiNatsuDragnel506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

@ Donthate

It does not mean exclusvity whatsoever, twitting Xbox stuff means possible Xbox port of a game.

BlackTar187506d ago

I only doubt exclusivity because didn't both those games sell under 1 million with a bigger install base?

OmnislashVer36506d ago

I'm hoping it's Xbox and PS tbh. I'd much rather it caters to higher end graphics than Switch.

naruga506d ago

it has a possibility to be Xbox exclusive ...considering as mentioned above the partership with MS and Xbox;s need of a Japan AAA hit title

DarXyde506d ago

I wouldn't mind it being Xbox exclusive honestly. I feel Microsoft has a working relationship with Sakaguchi and they could really use his help. I think Sony has gotten a great amount of support as is and they can definitely afford to let one slide. While I am pro PlayStation, I do own an Xbox One and wouldn't mind another reason to invest in it again. I know how I am; if his game is on PS4, I'd buy it there. So if it's an Xbox exclusive, that forces some restraint on my end.

That said, I'm confident this game will at the very least be available for Xbox One. I can't imagine it not being.

DashMad505d ago

Dunno about that for some reason Mistwalker never release game for PS platform since its founding, unless bad blood betwen Sakaguchi and Sony have disapear we will never see mistwalker game on PS platform, well maybe it's their first games on PS console who knows but chance are slim this game will appear on PS4.

TheCommentator505d ago

We'll have to wait and see, but Phil's trip to Japan wasn't for nothing, and Sakaguchi did make A few 360 exclusives, so there's circumstancial evidence to suggest that Dont Hate has the right idea with suggesting Xbox exclusivity.

Personally, I'd bank on multiplat before exclusive to Xbox but you never know!

indyman7777505d ago

haha I see what you did there XiNatsuDragnel But you will probabaly be correct in the end the way things are going.

Which ever system it is on if it is like, I dont know Blue dragon, Final Fantasy 1 thought 9 or Lost odyssey. I'm in and pre buying! No matter which system even if it is PC or tablet!

indyman7777505d ago

Remember the FFVII remake reveal? Then they killed the joy by making a announcement it may have a change in the game play. And allowing people to think it may be a hack and slash. Then announcing it may be in episodes. What if the FOUNDER of Final fantasy just took over Squares lunch money and have been working on it for awhile! And was wanting to make sure it would be ready for the market BEFORE Square could respond.

That would be awesome No matter which platform if it is a spiritual successor to final fantasies I'm in.

Yeah I would like it to be on a 4k box. Yeah I would like it to be portable like Switch. Yeah I would put up with it being on a 9 inch tablet. Point is if it is what we have been asking for I'm getting it on what ever it is available on!

indyman7777505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

All these people awesome Mist walker and Sony has some hate between them because Mist walker has not released games for Sony. That is not the reason no games on Sony platform yet!

The first TWO Mist walker games was Financed by Microsoft! Mist walker is fully independent. But the games where exclusive to Microsoft. Back then (360 days) Microsoft said the founder wanted to be independent and make the kind of games he wanted to continue making(lost Odyssey and blue dragon), except for his own studio since Square was going another direction .

So Microsoft financed those two games but he kept his independence. This is why Mist walker was able to make games for cell phone/tablet instead of xbox.

InTheZoneAC505d ago

@donthate, no such thing as xbox exclusive

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Bahamut506d ago

Sooo hyped. We're seriously overdue for this. I hope he takes his time and gives us another masterpiece. I miss Squaresoft, I wish they'd just take Sakaguchi back as Exec Producer and give him full reign over everything.

OmnislashVer36506d ago

It's time. Just hope it's for PS4 as well.

XanderZane505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Hhmm.. I hope he does a Lost Odyssey 2. I'd be more hyped for that. This little bit of info is interesting as well.

"At the moment no platforms are known about what is to come, but many people expect this new title to see the light on Xbox One, in fact, recently has seen Sakaguchi support Xbox events via RT in social networks."

Hironobu Sakaguchi has been on involved with XBox social events? Interesting.... I wonder if Phil has spoken to him when he was in Japan? I'll have to try Terra Battle.

505d ago
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N7_Man506d ago

XiNatsuDragnel, Microsoft need JRPG games on the catalog. Sakaguchis is a great partner, maybe...

XiNatsuDragnel506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

Yep if he'll really able to do that most likely since the fanbase sadly is about dudebros in my opinion

He just won't do it.

NapalmSanctuary506d ago

Agreed. Lost Odyssey would have sold like crazy on PS3.

-Foxtrot506d ago


Imagine...we could have been waiting for a Lost Odyssey 3 announcement by now.

BlackTar187506d ago

Both of those games would have sold very well on ps3

Bobafret506d ago

Dudebros? Were you frozen in 2010 and just wake up?

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Maybay506d ago

The Last Story HD Switch port, and then turn the TLS into a regular series.

Mikefizzled506d ago

Irony would have to be removed from the dictionary if Sakaguchi built The Last Story to compete with Final Fantasy as a series.

indysurfn505d ago

Now YOU have touched on the TRUE bad blood. It is NOT between Mist walker and Sony it is between Mist walker (founder) and his FORMER employer who would not let him make the kind of games that made them big and famous. They (Square enix) thought they could force people to like action RPG's and save up to 75% development cost by cutting staff in half and development time down from 5-6 years to 2-3 years.

If you like Turn based jrpg's this guy is a hero. I think this guy wants to take Square enix's lunch money!
He was right after 15 years of square trying to switch people over to action rpg's the best they could do was sell near 6 million FFXV. I have to admit that in 2014 square did fire their president and promissed to return to there root and FInal Fantasy VII remake is in development. But we are not sure what kind of rpg it will be though.

FallenAngel1984506d ago

Mistwalker needs to put a game out on PS4 for once

-Foxtrot506d ago

Yeah he only had beef with Ken Kutaragi but he's long gone

indysurfn505d ago

He didn't dislike Sony or Ken. His first two games was FINANCED and signed by Microsoft for xbox360!!!

He did have a beef with his Former employer Square which is why he left them. They wanted to FORCE him to make only ACTION rpg's. Which is the opposite of the Final fantasy series (at that time).

-Foxtrot505d ago

Urm...yes he did

""The machine's architecture is tricky, and I don't like Ken Kutaragi"

phoenixwing506d ago

I would like that and in my opinion it is the sensible business move to do. However, there's a lot of what if's. Microsoft may have gotten his game as an exclusive, because he made Lost Odyssey for xbox only and Msoft may have opened their checkbook for it. Which I think if Microsoft hasn't done this and shows nothing at E3 as far as decent exclusive jrpg's for the system I question the point of Phil's visit to Japan. Also, there is the point that Sakaguchi isn't a fan of Sony as pointed out by foxtrot.

XanderZane505d ago

I would love Namco to make a sequel to Breakdown exclusively for XBox One/Scorpio. The game was exclusive on OG XBox.

-Foxtrot506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

If it's for all consoles then I'd still have an ultra thin bit of hope deep down it could be Lost Odyssey 2 (I know silly but let me dream) you know for obvious reasons but if it's the start of a new JRPG series then I'd be fine with that, hopefully a new series which will beat Final Fantasy at it's own game forcing Square to pull their finger out. That's why Square is in a dream with main FF titles these days because there's no direct competition, same goes for something else like The Sims with EA, without competition you just don't give a shit.

An emotional, massive open world turn based JRPG game please with an awesome soundtrack and theme song (not a cover of an old already existing song COUGH COUGH FFXV COUGH)

If it's just for the Xbox One then I'm sorry but fanboy shit aside you know it would be a retarded decision after last time...

Patriot4Life506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

I thought MS owned the Lost Odyssey IP.

Could be wrong though.

XXanderXX506d ago

they own both Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon

freshslicepizza505d ago

The problem is Microsoft is damned if they do and damned if they don't. People want them to have a diverse lineup so now what? If they do partner with him at least now they have the PC to work alongside the Xbox and it could also be used to showcase Scorpio.

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