Tekken 7 Vs. Injustice 2: Here's The One You Should Buy

If you could only get one, which one should you buy? Every gamer is different–even fans of the same sub-genre. Tekken is my all-time favorite fi ghting game series, but if you look at both games from top to bottom, Injustice 2 is better than Tekken 7.

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fenome349d ago

If you're a fan of fighters then just get both.

Last_Boss349d ago

Agreed!! That I'm going to EVO mentality is played out. Play the damn game and shut your wack ass up. Lol

Princess_Pilfer349d ago

Because everybody has 120 USD just lying around to throw at video games and has no need to spend even somewhat responsibly. /s

Last_Boss348d ago

Look for discounts and deals. This a hobby, you don't have to limit yourself, and they don't have to be the same day purchases.

Derceto349d ago

If you like punching beach balls through the air until they are knocked unconscious, go with Tekken.

If you want a fighting game, get Injustice 2.

txboy05348d ago

So basically you haven't played Tekken 7 cause there are no beach balls.

KickSpinFilter348d ago

He meant the characters, that was hilarious! They are beach balls well put!

Tankbusta40349d ago

I like both, but unless you want to get super crazy about fighting people online, the game to get is Injustice.

J-DARKnes349d ago

Was looking forward to Tekken 7, but sadly wont be getting it any time soon. No Lei Wulong is a deal breaker for me and I wont pay for him as dlc. Maybe next time namco.

Nu349d ago

"He's literally the nicest guy in every movie"

q8kik349d ago

All returning characters will added for free. The dlc's will be for new characters.

349d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.