10 Things about the Halo 3 : Keep it Clean Trailer That You Didn't see at E3

8BitJoystick: "I just watched the Halo 3 : Keep it Clean teaser trailer on Xbox Live and I have a couple of observations about it and the game it represents:

1. Remember that supposed new Bungie game trailer that was going to be shown at E3 2008 that you heard about that was cut at the last minute for political reasons inside Microsoft Game Studios? Well I betcha that this was it. I heard from pretty high levels inside Bungie that they had a one minute trailer ready for E3 and the time of this trailer matches. This was the trailer that Bungie hoped you would see at E3. Since Halo is owned by Microsoft and published by Microsoft Game Studios it has to be marketed and approved by Microsoft. Remember how I said they were going to make Halo 3 DLC until the Ice caps melted and the water from Lake Washington washes away the giant sling shot they are going to build at the Bungie Kirkland campus? This is a part of it."

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