It's Been Amazing To Witness Fire Emblem's Growing Western Popularity

Now Loading: "I played my first Fire Emblem game in 2010, when it was tough to find any copy in English. Now, it's a fight to beat the rush on preorder bonuses."

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TheColbertinator442d ago

Its about to become my favorite Nintendo franchise. Eager for more FE.

Enate441d ago

Its been my favorite franchise from them for a long time running now. However I'm not a fan of the recent notice its gained from Nintendo. That has resulted in spin offs and DLC floods with $45 season passes. Its gotten out of hand really fast. As much as I'm all for as much good fire emblem gaming I can get I don't want the franchise piece mealed like this.

Last_Boss441d ago

This is exactly my sentiments and what I've been saying recently too. I like the fact your a fan, but not blind of this.

TheColbertinator441d ago

Yes I noticed that too. Thankfully Echoes was still a good 40 hours but you are right.

VincentCastle440d ago

yes, i feel the same, i love the games, but those season passes, although i played the main campaign and i didn't touch the season pass for either game, and i probably will not.