PlayTM: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

PlayTM writes: " Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is one of the most well written and well presented stories set in the Star Wars universe, but it still makes for a relatively short game, and one which falls quite far from the mark of a classic. This is a shimmering trophy game which you will want to show off to your friends and will enjoy occasional moments of extreme pleasure from, but it doesn't come close to the longevity or depth of KOTOR; and doesn't embrace the perfectionism which was once associated with the Star Wars universe.

The game delivers well on the advertised premise of tearing through the world a torrent of destructive Force-power. At the press of a button you can hurl people around, impale them on your light sabre, smash barricades, throw objects, et al. The game does a good job of making you feel like the full thrust of the dark side power is available to you. You're a badass, and you tear the world apart with your violent magic."

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PS360WII3699d ago

Yeah this is a rather enjoyable game. It was kind of easy like the reviewer said but as a Sith or Jedi regular troops would be easy to kill ;)

I played the Wii version and it does kick butt but short like all have said though it still is worth a play through