New Xbox Effort Seeks To Change Hardware's Image

Don't call Xbox 360 a video game console, but rather the brains for the entertainment center in your home. That's the message behind Microsoft's latest advertising and marketing campaign aimed at changing the hardware's image.

Microsoft executives have been talking up the box's expanded movie and TV download and storage capabilities for more than a year. With the "single largest investment" in the pocket of its marketers, the company aims to tout the "entertainment center" message to consumers loud and clear.

"Our customers will always be hardcore gamers, but this is an opportunity to move beyond to serve casual gamers and consumers who want other types of entertainment, which extends into the family," says Charlotte Stuyvenberg, GM of marketing and communications services for Xbox at Microsoft.

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DavidMacDougall3668d ago

"but rather the brains for the entertainment center in your home" - Sony has already started this

New Xbox Effort Seeks To Change Hardware's Image - They should fix the hardware and not the image but then again it will cost them less money

power of Green 3668d ago

Sony fans will be saying this same sh*t 4 years from now.

Report this flame bait jibberish.

UMC3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Totally agree, Microsoft should really concentrate on fixing the hardware, this will be the best marketing strategy, think of all the people who have criticised the Xbox 360 in forums all over the place, saying the the hardware is now reliable, I for one am waiting this to happen before buying the Xbox 360 again, I understand that MS offers an extended warranty etc, however, I want to buy a quality console like my launch PS3 and not having my box shipped to Germany and replaced with another refurbished console.

power of Green 3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

Your fanboy responses are weak as if MSFT is not, will not or has not fixing-fix-fixed RROD which is old news out side PS3 fanboy land.

Standard repsonse when it comes to a PS3 fan not wanting MSFT to launch new services and features using the RROD bullshit as an reason why MSFT should not advance their product in any way.

It is like saying Sony should have stopped innovating and releasing new advances for PS2 years after Read disc errors.

bomboclaat_gamer3668d ago

cool. i just wanna play some gears

byeGollum3668d ago

what does this have to do with RROD, do you guyz jack off to it or something ? people hardly ever stay on topic, always turns out to be a 'war'

darthv723668d ago

This is getting old. I say what have you got to lose when buying a 360? It is covered for 3 years if it ever does RROD but the chances are pretty much gone. Unless you opt to get a used one from a friend or specifically go looking for old stock from a Gamestop, the chances of getting one off the shelf and it working out of the box and continuing to do so are 95%+.

The price is great, the games are great, the RROD scare is being left behind so now is a good time to jump in. The old idea of ps3 has no games is behind it so let the RROD issue be behind the 360. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain playing games that define the generation on all platforms.