Screen Play Preview: Fable 2

Jason Hill writes: "Did you harvest the Little Sisters in BioShock or let them go free? Were you a Jedi in Knights of the Old Republic or a Sith? Were you a hero in Fable or a villain?

See any trend here? Morality in games typically offers a binary choice that ultimately channels you down either a "good" path or a "bad" one.

Worse still, the "moral choices" along the way are usually heavily signposted that they are decisions that matter more than the thousands of other choices you have previously made in the game, which all had little or no consequence to your character.

Grand Theft Auto IV immediately springs to mind, with Rockstar very optimistically expecting players to care about the moral dilemma of killing of small a handful of characters during the story despite the hundreds (possibly even thousands) of other victims of Niko's bloodlust.

Given designer Peter Molyneux's track record for hyperbole, you could be forgiven for being sceptical that Fable II will offer any significant advance on its wonderful but flawed predecessor in giving weight to your decisions throughout the game.

But among the many features of Fable II, which Xbox 360 owners can get their hands on less than a month from now, the moral development of your character is one of the most interesting.

Far more subtle and realistic than its predecessor, countless seemingly trivial decisions throughout your adventure affect your character's physical development, abilities and social standing, most of which you won't even realise are choices."

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nathan1346793732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

well it was very informatice thank you, and i really can't wait for this game it is so in depth compared to te last which wasn't bad it just didn't live up to the hype that was created but this one will. i love fable 2

nathan1346793732d ago

well it was very informative thank you. i know this game will live up to the hype well not completely there is always a little disappointment with some fans who over hype themselves. but i think peter molyneux has learnt his lesson from fable 1. he won't make the same mistake again.