Prey Review - Do You Even Game Bro?

Prey generally impresses with its intriguing setting and rewarding exploration, but stumbles in its combat and technical execution

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PistolsAtDawn172d ago

This is another one of those games I really liked that didn't do well critically.

IamTylerDurden1172d ago

Prey did well critically and it damn well deserves to. It just didn't do well commercially.

FinalFantasyFanatic172d ago

After playing the hour-demo I didn't think the game was that good, so I'm not surprised it didn't do well commercially. How well did the game do? Did it break even or churn a profit? I know it's Bethesda worst selling recent game.

1nsomniac172d ago

@FinalFantasyFanatic The hour-demo was absolutely terrible. I thought it was genuinely trash!

I have no idea what stupidity possessed them to release that in the state they did. The final/current released product with the fix to the horribly broken control in itself makes the game a completely different experience. I've done a complete 180'.

FinalFantasyFanatic171d ago


Really? I based my whole purchase decision on that demo (because the demo was released so close to the final game's release, I thought it'd be pretty much the same). My biggest issue was with how sluggish and awkward combat felt, it just didn't feel good to play/control. I did like how it managed to instill a sense of fear in me at some points though.

Shadow0fTheDog169d ago

Were you playing on PC? The load screens are absolutely horrendous on console. It seems like a small thing to complain about, but you seriously spend hours in load screens.

172d ago