Roadhog’s PTR changes have split the Overwatch community: ‘He feels like a fat Reaper’

The recent update applied to the Overwatch PTR has seen some fairly significant changes applied to the likes of Reaper and McCree, but it's Roadhog's nerf (or buff, depending on how you look at it) that has really caused some heated debate among the community.

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matt139385d ago

His hook range needs reducing, it's so OP.

Salooh385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

They have been editing him a lot, everytime i get used to the weaker road you ask for a change that mess with his abilities, i don't get it, people will always complain, he will become useless at this point. Why don't you ask them to remove him XD. That way i don't waste my time to learn his weakness and strength all over again..

Bahamut384d ago

They should remove all characters, then everyone will be happy.

sho0ok384d ago Show
Salooh384d ago

The thing is i also hear people saying his healing need to be reduced too. What's left of road XD

T1125P384d ago

What they should fix is the leavers during your placement matches. Really F up to have your placement go down to shit when you have 3 matches (mine) have leavers. Last one was just me and 2 others. You get a shit placement because of this, and that is not a fair game at all. I mean really how can it be fair? They get the win, we get shit. It should be they get the win our placement does not count because of leavers. So for example you have 3/10 , it should be again 3/10. Leavers F up the whole placement process.

Nu384d ago

Roadhog reminds me of Bob from Tekken.