5 PS4 Exclusives That Will Wow at E3 2017

Push Square: "A lot of the anticipation for E3 centres on the unknown, but more often than not it’s the games that have already been revealed that steal the show. Who could forget that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves demo that dropped jaws in 2009? Or our first proper look at The Last of Us in 2012? Sony has more exclusives out in the open than any other platform holder right now – and here are five that we think are really going to shine during its press conference in just over a week."

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UCForce477d ago

I think their conference will bring the rain.

UCForce477d ago

One thing, I do know is that Day Gone and God of War will be show at E3 in big way. More importantly, other titles like Spider-Man, The Last of Us Part 2, UC: The Lost legacy and Horizon Zero Dawn Expansion Pack will
be show there, too. This is gonna be huge.

DialgaMarine477d ago

I keep hearing about a HZD expansion, but I doubt it's gonna be brought up so soon. I think PSX will be the place for that. Also, I doubt TLoU2 will be there; too much other content, and Sony still has to have room for some other new Titles like SP's, FS's, and maybe another Resistance/ PSAS.

BlakHavoc477d ago

I was of the mindset that TLOU2 wouldn't be there either, but i think its too big of a nuke for Sony not to drop now. I think MS will put on a good show, forcing Sony to pull the trigger on another trailer (no gameplay). I do think we'll see Gow, Days Gone, Spiderman, Death Stranding, TLOU2, Sucker Punches new IP, and something from FS all at the same conference. HYPE!

DialgaMarine477d ago

I was hoping for TLoU2 gameplay, but I don't think it's happening; there's just way too much for Sony to show off as is, plus there's always PSX. The other 4 on this list, I believe, are a given, but replace TLoU2 with From Software's new IP, and the list is more realistic. I have zero doubts in my mind that Miyazaki's next game will WoW people just like BloodBorne did.

goldwyncq477d ago

They'll show TLOU2 gameplay to end off the show. That's what Sony always does whenever there's a new Naughty Dog game.

DialgaMarine477d ago

Once again, that's probably their ending for PSX. It just doesn't seem likely for E3.

goldwyncq477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

^ TLOU was first revealed on December 2011 and the first ever gameplay reveal came not too long afterwards on E3 2012.

It's much more likely than you think.

OB1Biker477d ago

I think you might be right there.
Who knows though. There r so many things they can show off this year. They could make their conference last two hours + and still have it packed with awesome stufff non stop.

BlakHavoc477d ago

You're forgetting one crucial piece of info. ND no longer has two teams, they recently stated that 90% of the studio is working on TLL, so the game probably wont hit full production until after August. So if even after Shawn said its in very early development they can manage to show gameplay 6 months later, ill truly consider them Naughty Gods.

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BlakHavoc477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

The issue imo is ppl expecting gameplay of TLOU2. Its totally possible that we'll get a trailer of a cut scene from the game. One key fact ppl seem to miss about the reveal trailer is that its not an actual scene from the game, but instead a trailer they specifically shot for an eventual showcase, this was all stated my Druckmann at the PSX panel. So we could totally get our first glimpse of the actual game at E3. I think both TLL and TLOU2 show up again at E3. TLOU2 opens with an intense cut scene while TLL is the second to last game they show off before ending with GoW.

bolimekurac477d ago

god of war, spiderman, last of us 2 and days gone. those 4 games i need, gimme, i need

Legatus477d ago

"bolimekurac" i would go to doctor if i were you.

477d ago
Einhander1971477d ago

Sony and Nintendo will own E3 this year, with the sheer amount of QUALITY games on show. Microsoft just keep hoping Scorpio will save them it might be impressive but it's all about the GAMES!! thats why we buy these systems, not just to be used as an expensive paper weight.

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