Valve will charge devs $100 to publish games through Steam Direct

Valve has decided how much developers will need to pay to get their game onto the Steam marketplace when its current Greenlight system is replaced by Steam Direct.

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-Gespenst-295d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Wow, that's pretty reasonable. Wasn't it the same amount to get on greenlight though? I'm not sure if this will stop junk games from getting through...

Edit: Nevermind, it's 100 per game rather than 100 for as many games as you want. Still, some are saying the app store has a similar thing, but that it hasn't managed to curb chancers. Perhaps it should be a tiny bit higher? 150 or 200 maybe?

TekoIie294d ago

To be honest its better to allow all games an opportunity and let the curator/review system shows us what's good and bad.

morganfell294d ago

Also you get to test you game on Valve's servers in private sessions free. Full feature MP testing. Up until you openly publish you can yank your software and walk away if the development does not pan out paying nothing. People can attempt to pan Steam if they wish but they have done a great deal to promote PC gaming.

NecoTehSergal294d ago

If you watch Valve News Network, he covers it substantially, goes into depths of saying they were considering the price, of basically within the range of $100 to $5000 per game, and then decided to leave it to $100 to try to ensure the broader range of people and developers can still try to upload their content - just, it'll help stray of course, those who may try to exploit it via $100 for Many games, am sure it'll curb some exploiting douches, but if they can at least make 'some' profit, $100 probably isn't a lot for them, like WarZ devs who keep making scam-games that pass off anyways, makes LOADS of money, rinse and repeat.

rainslacker293d ago

It's the same price as getting it on Apple's store, or for some types of software, on Google's store.

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JunMei293d ago

Wow. That's pretty damn cheap.