E3 2017 - These are the games we want to see but won't

Gameplane: "E3 is right around the corner and there are many games we want to see. There have been many rumours so far and although some of them might be true and there are trailers we are definetely going to see, the following three games are none of them. Or are they?"

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phoenixwing113d ago

i want to see skies of arcadia 2 or reimagining, i know it won't come though

Daybish99113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

what a dumb list like making a grocery list of food you're not going to buy at the store and then going to the store lol

JackTheLiz113d ago

Oh I've got my own list of titles that are never going to see light of day lol

jeremyj2913113d ago

Same here. Devil May Cry has been on it for a while now. Lol

opinionated113d ago

Skate 4. It's my most anticipated game every E3 and it never shows up. I also want a dead space 1 remaster but won't get it. It sucks I want EA games since their showing is always kinda lame.

jreeves82113d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2 or remake. Also would love to see Mass Effect trilogy remastered.

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