Computer Games: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Review

Computer Games writes: "Force Unleashed was an ambitious project. It was excessively promoted over the Internet, thus creating the opposite effect of product awareness, raising expectations up to a point where it didn't matter how good it was: it was still bound to disappoint a number of people. If that wasn't enough, some pathetic excuses from the PR team ensued, who actually said with a straight face that current generation PCs aren't powerful enough to run this game, then the not very inspired demo, and a few million spoilers in a few million trailers.

As an intro, you're Darth Vader's secret apprentice (your nickname being Starkiller, apparently), doing his biding right after senator's Palpatine rise to power and the forming of the Galactic Empire. You're initially sent on assassination missions, until… something happens and the story actually starts to get interesting. Suffice to say that you'll meet plenty of well known Star Wars characters, along with locations and events from the movie series, all coming together in an epic story well worth seeing until the end."


* Story
* Physics
* Boss battles


* Extremely linear
* Lots of bugs
* Short single-player
* No multiplayer

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