First review of Silent Hill: Homecoming is not good

A snippet and score from the first review of Silent Hill: Homecoming is in, posted from Official Xbox Magazine over at Metacritic. The outlook? Not good. The snippet reads "From its leaden, cheap-shots-aplenty combat to its wild-goose chase through gray, same-y hallways filled with useless, placebo doorways to a story that takes much too long to get off the ground, its entire first half feels like a death march through a clunky hot mess." and scores the game 65/100. Although they presumably played with the 360 version, I doubt that there's a big difference between PS3 and 360 editions. Of course, that's only one review, and I expect we'll see others soon, but it's not a good start.

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peowpeow3463d ago

You serious? :( Am eager for other reviews
This has got to be a good game..

Bnet3433463d ago

The original Silent Hill Team didn't make it. It's like a next-gen Silent Hill Origins game. I knew this would be lame.

fishd3463d ago

Hevay Rain's engine is the sh1t for a silent hill game,unfortunatly it won't happen:(


I still have hope for this game Kigmail, I liked Origins.

And to be fair, I'll not take reviews too seriously, specially westernized ones. Most people in this side of the world are confortable with shooter-horror, I, on the other hand, am a fan of good old SURVIVAL-horror.

Made this game just don't have ammo enough for western.

I'll wait for Game Informer, IGN and, specially, Famitsu (the 3 sources I take real seriously).

SL1M DADDY3462d ago

It died when the original team stopped making the series. If you want a great horror survival game then download SIREN. It beats out Silent Hill any day of the week.

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Ashta3463d ago

Must not have had enough explosions for the 360 crowd to like it.


Winter47th3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

The hero don't wear a helmet that's just TERRIBLE WTF an instant 4, plus too much story god what is this a movie? 3/ wait.. there's a chick involved, 6/10.

All in all, Silent Hill wasn't easily accessible to the new crowd like RE, but to the fans, it's an experience well appreciated, the OST alone's worth the wait, Akira Yamaoka FTW.

hay3463d ago

@Winter: that was funny. Bubbles mate.

Bnet3433463d ago

Winter47th, you haven't even played the game yet, why are you calling BS on their review? I bet you didn't even read the review and just bothered to look at the score. I can bet you anything it'll get scores below 7 from other websites. This is going to be like Silent Hill Origins. It's made by the american Silent Hill team, I think Backbone or something like that. They suck.

sinncross3463d ago

probably expected.. everything ive heard about this new silent hill made me less interested in it.

The series is not what it used to be

3463d ago
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