Strange new creature unveiled in Resistance 2

Fresh video footage of Resistance 2 has surfaced this afternoon, giving us a brief glimpse at an as of yet unnamed creature in the Chimera's rapidly growing army of vicious foes.

Following the outdoor siege of the SRPA base in Iceland, Nathan Hale makes his way into one of the hangers only to be picked up and mangled by some strange creature. No details have yet been revealed on exactly what it is and how it fits into the Resistance 2 storyline, but colour us intrigued.

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Jpinter3732d ago

God that thing is

SpecialSauce3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

this game blows.

@pp below
wow not funny

GiantEnemyLobster3732d ago

Very unique idea Sony! Revealing more alien creatures and acting like you designed them all by yourselves.. Yep, because Halo definately didn't do that FIRST.

Xbox 360: LEADING the way for video games this generation. All the competition* can do is follow suite.

*please note. the playstation 3 is more of a joke than actual competition.

gambare3732d ago

I created an account in the PSN named "360loser" and everybody, even my teammates shot at me in CoD4. I wonder what would happen if I create another named "GiantEnemyLoser"

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Jpinter3732d ago

For more details on the Iceland level and for more details on Resistance 2 in general, be sure to check out PSU's Hands On Preview here:

Chubear3732d ago

WTF?! This looks graphically mint.

Rock Bottom3732d ago

Iceland level has no Ice?

staub913732d ago

You have to remember that...

Iceland is green...

Greenland is ice..

Thanks Vikings for confusing all of mankind.

Panthers3732d ago

Im surprised that not everyone knows that. ALthough Iceland is cold, it is also green.

Greenland is a barren frozen wasteland.

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MvmntInGrn3732d ago

wait does it talk?

damn that is high on the ugly meter.

CrippleH3732d ago

If the day the average monster starts looking beautiful Imma shoot myself.

Monsters are suppose to be butt ugly.

Brixxer6003732d ago

We just need Arnie to appear and utter the immortal words

You're one ugly moth** ****er, you get the picture.