Kotaku: Saints Row 2 Multiplayer – The Perfect Girlfriend Game?

Kotaku writes:

"Saints Row never held much interest for me. It's a gangster shoot-em-up with all the makings for chaotic online modes and not much in the way of a single-player story I could get excited about.

So why, then, do I suddenly love Saints Row 2? Drop-in, drop-out co-op. I sincerely believe that this can make any game –- no matter how horrible -– fun.

Luckily, Saints Row 2 isn't horrible. Set aside the part where it's a gangster shoot-em-up; that either is your thing or it isn't. Focus on the fact that the game has all the fundamentals every action game needs: fine-tuned controls, solid graphics, a decent combat system, and a map that actually tells you where you are and where you need to be. Tack onto that the detailed customization and a pretty jumpin' soundtrack, and it's easy to see Saints Row 2 has put in the effort to be something besides a Grand Theft Auto "me too" game."

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