Xbox Game Pass Review and Thoughts at Launch: Great Value

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "This Xbox Game Pass review is a look at Microsoft's Netflix like subscription at its first release along with highlights of what titles are available and thoughts on this pass minus a score."

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gangsta_red194d ago

I downloaded Resident Evil 0, since it's the only RE I have not finished.

freshslicepizza194d ago

"It's essentially a massive rental system with no limits on playing the games, it's great."

For the price it seems like great value. It would be nice however to see this service also move to the PC.

194d ago
Death194d ago

Would love to see this on PC.

skycaptin5194d ago

I could see them adapting it to being a "Play Anywhere" service someday. They just don't have enough games in their Windows Store ecosystem yet

welly300194d ago

Got to give it to Microsoft pass is ea access on steroids. Id love to see sony do the same but they wont drop ps now.