Breath of the Wild Director Claims Open World Design Could Become New Series Standard

Game Rant's Riley Little writes, "Speaking with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s director, Hidemaro Fujibayashi, it appears as if an open world design could become the new series standard."

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Nu534d ago

It's a fresh formula but it needs some tweaking that's for sure.

SoulMikeY534d ago

What game doesn't?

At least they created the most unique, diverse looking open world. There's not a single area that looks alike. Every single other open world game, not counting Red Dead, has cut and paste looking areas.

AspiringProGenji534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Assuming Red Dead Redemption's wild west hadn't been done before... Tho it is the best in its class

"At least they created the most unique, diverse looking open world."

Pss lol
Swamps, canyons, forests, rain forest, green plains. Done before as well. Not trying to knock the game down, it is awesome. But the locations are nothing out of the ordinary. It's emptiness is very reminiscent of Shadow of the colossus too

Concertoine534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

Love BotW but it is just as guilty of having the played-out element based world. Im ready for something more abstract than lava, forest, mountain, and snow.

bouzebbal534d ago

Just get rid of those crappy shrines.. They made them more important than ganon himself and the idea of having them is so lazy.
Definitely need a lot of tweaking and maybe introduce another teleport system.

OhMyGandhi534d ago

You've never played Far Cry 3 or 4, Or pretty much any Bethesda game have you?

richyque533d ago (Edited 533d ago )

LOL, not even worth commenting on how absurd and biased you sound. You should try to play some real open world games like witcher 3, fallout 4, GTA V, horizon. them 4 alone wipes the floor with kiddie cel shaded graphics zelda.

Brash533d ago

What the hell are you talking about?

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Gemmol534d ago

to add on to the other have the most alive environment ever where you can do anything to the environment with the physics

Darkfist_Flames534d ago (Edited 534d ago )

"most alive environment ever" LOL yea all those large empty fields with copy past enemies, with large, LARGE number of same collectibles remind me of the things people hate in open world games, but nintendo fanboys really love it for wasting hundred hours and call it fun lol, "where you can do anything to the environment with the physics" LOL yes im sure you can do anything xD.

Vegamyster534d ago


Spoilers alert, look at all those empty fields! /s

There is no collectibles in Botw, if you're talking about Korok seeds those expand your inventory & are handed out like candy. Even if you're not trying to find them you'll gather a large number of them by the end of the game.

_-EDMIX-_534d ago

Alien? Seriously buddy you are over exaggerating that games world, it is a very grounded world.

It's physics engine is havoc....

That's not revolutionary (maybe to you ) but that is a common physics engine.

Aenea534d ago

Except cut down the wooden poles of those little lookout posts with your axe....

Couldn't believe that wasn't possible!

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BigTrain533d ago

My first tweak would be stronger hardware.

meganick534d ago

I'm cool with that becoming the standard, but I want traditional dungeons moving forward as well. The divine beasts were neat but not a suitable replacement for proper dungeons.

TekoIie534d ago

I would still like to see older styles make a return.

I think the next Zelda for Nintendo Switch (assuming there will be one) should be something closer to what we've had on previous systems. Save an "open air" Zelda for the Switches successor.

meganick534d ago

I'm betting the next proper Zelda game on Switch will be a top-down view game similar to A Link Between Worlds, mainly because those are cheaper and faster to develop, and there's a big demand for more of that style. BotW's successor will likely release on Nintendo's next console the Switch U.

joab777534d ago

Yes! Exactly. It's a great game, but now they have set a standard they will need to exceed and including some Zeldabstaples such as great dungeons would be awesome!

Vegamyster534d ago

I like the idea of being able to shift the beasts to solve it, it would be cool if they fused a traditional dungeon with that mechanic with item staples of the series like the hook shot ect.

_-EDMIX-_534d ago

Absolutely agreed there's no reason why they can't keep an open world structure while adding in actual real dungeons.

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FallenAngel1984534d ago

That'd increase the waiting period between each 3D game

534d ago
_-EDMIX-_534d ago

Okay so what's your suggestion? Just rush them out?

pietro1212534d ago

I'm fine with that but bring back traditional dungeons along side the shrines and a better story.

_-EDMIX-_534d ago

Yes to all.

Those are some of my biggest problems with that game so much so that I had a very hard time understanding how anybody was trying to say this was a 10-game.

DanteVFenris666534d ago

4 dungeons and 120 mini dungeons make up for the ussual 6-9.

It's also a refresher not having traditional dungeons

DanteVFenris666534d ago

The design of botw can't have a great story in nature sense you can ignore it and face Gannon at the start. It sacrifices any form of linear story telling for freedom.

Which is better, a breath of fresh air from most triple a

link2Dpast534d ago

Next Zelda game will have a movie tie-in, quote me and this date and time of this comment. The switch will eventually take the reins of there handheld division, as it becomes cheaper to produce systems with more power at a cheaper cost, as tech gets old. There's no written rule on how long a systems life should be and the unique thing about the switch is it could have 4-5 years as home console and then immediately jump to handheld life span which is brilliant. New home console will push for power and experience and switch will be the handheld for years and years to come. Nintendo is aggressively pushing into other markets and Hollywood is the eventual next step, Zelda being the one to go first. I could definitely see all this happening close to the open date of the parks or sometime after, I could see them going for a new home console in about 4 years which will tie in everything. I know this has nothing to do with the topic in question but just a thought I had

DanteVFenris666534d ago

I'd assume Nintendo would make an anime before Hollywood sense you know their in Japan.

I also think anime link would be more appropriate than a live action

link2Dpast533d ago

Agree with it being animated, live action just won't feel right. Animated movies also have the huge advantage as it markets to everyone. As for delaying going the Hollywood route and to tv first I think would be a big waste of time, if anything do it all at once tv and movie. If something like "captain underpants" can release a movie decades later from its popularity why could t somethig LoZ also gain that success. It'll get all the works, voice actors will be top notch and I'm hoping it all will be done with the help of Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki , put all that together and you've got the perfect LoZ movie

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