Nintendo’s Latest Releases Are Missing One Important Thing; Dialogue

"One thing that no one can deny is that Nintendo are masters at building stylish, and rich video game worlds. Let’s look at its two latest intellectual properties, Splatoon and ARMS. Both games have a lot in common. First off, they both have that pristine level of cartoony polish Nintendo is known for. Even though the Switch isn’t very powerful, leave it to Nintendo to develop a breathtaking world on it. Aside from that, both games have a diverse selection of bubbly characters. Characters that I would love to see interact more outside of gameplay." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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CrimsonWing69565d ago

Man, was it a slow day at the office today?

3-4-5565d ago

Games are about playing games not dialogue. Yes, in games like RPGS they are essential, but not in a FPS,a fighting game, or even a Mario game. Loz:Botw had Dialogue that was essential to it's plot and story.

Not sure what this person was thinking when they wrote this.

TekoIie565d ago

Also worth pointing out that these two games are primarily multiplayer games and they will be judged on how well their multiplayer components hold up.

_-EDMIX-_565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Sure, but the segments that have text can be voice acted.

The excuse is getting a bit old. Yet Tekken 7 has voice acting?

_-EDMIX-_565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

"Yes, in games like RPGS they are essential, but not in a FPS,a fighting game, or even a Mario game. Loz:Botw had Dialogue that was essential to it's plot and story"

errrr not really.

Depends on the game. You can't say "not in a FPS" ??? So have no story, no one should speak? Buddy, sure, it depends on the game, but if they are trying to create a world that is believable to tell a story, my assumption is they should know....speaking.

Breath Of The Wild had dialogue, it also lacked A LOT of dialogue strangely enough from most of the NPCs, MOST of the game is text.

No reason why a game in 2017 that is an RPG, AAA, trying to tell a story...should not have voice acting by default. They don't want to make Link Speak, sure, he has some issue mentally, ok...I can live with that, but all the NPCs don't speak either? Just text?


This is just this company being cheap bud, its literally this company still being behind with the times and that attitude is why they are losing market share. They have an image of being dated and not in a whimsical way, in a this is "old" type way.

They younger generation of gamers know of games having voice acting, something like this simply just makes them wonder why such games don't and simply has those games look lessor and cheap.

Only older gamers you (I assume) and myself get the nostalgic concept, but I think that only works to a degree.

From Breath Of The Wild being open world and having crafting shows....this company clearly understands that they can't afford to keep having dated games.

Its not "cute" its simply seen as old and lessor to most gamers who are use to seeing Elder Scrolls, Call Of Duty, Witcher etc with all voice acting.

Nintendo isn't poor, they very much can have voice acting in the games that need them. Not asking for Mario or Link to have full on voices, they can continue to play dumb and say nothing, but give them a reason why they can't and give the NPCs a voice, this being cheap stuff isn't really showing like "oh its like back in the day" sorry but that younger generation doesn't get that and looking at Wii U, they don't care. They are catering to a small install base and losing market share isn't helping.

Sm3000565d ago

Damn dude you really have it out for Nintendo. What did they ever do to you? Any chance you get you pounce on them lol

Einhander1971564d ago

Far to much story in video games now a days in my opinion. Games are about fun and PLAYABILITY, Nintendo delivers in spades.

LOL_WUT564d ago

That doesn't mean they should cut corners by not implementing voice acting in their titles ;)

fungusar564d ago

The things i hate most in games are dialogue and without voice acting it sucks

JayPi3564d ago

Really? Splatoon 1 had a story mode for people who wanted to delve into it, and even had collectibles that fleshed out the world. I like that Nintendo doesn't let story get in the way of gameplay.