Eternal Sonata demo on Japanese PSN

A demo of Namco Bandai's rather smashing RPG, Eternal Sonata, is now available to down from the Japanese PSN.


Unfortunately the demo does not offer English language support as the 360 version did from the Japanese Marketplace.

Hopefully there'll be a US demo soon.

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smart_head3361d ago

I know I am, if it's in english.

robotnik3361d ago

I'm getting it, English or not. I played Folklore demo in japanese and wasnt hard at all.

SullyDrake3361d ago

It's out October 21st I believe. I'm really hoping for Trophies to go with the PS3-exclusive content... I am starved of RPG's, let alone a critically-acclaimed JRPG.

juuken3361d ago

I'm getting that demo.

morriss3361d ago

It's not in English I'm afraid. Looks identical to 360 version though.

MvmntInGrn3361d ago

Umm I cannot find it in the Jpn PSN, a little help? Where is it?

morriss3361d ago

Just look at the dates on the left and click on them. It'll soon show Eternal Sonata. I (think) it's the second one from the bottom.

[email protected]3361d ago

WOW* I'm download it right now. So that means there a chance for the Us version to arrive this week too isn't ^^