Bethesda at E3 2017: What to Expect Them to Show

From new game announcements to some possible DLCs in the works, there is quite a bit that Bethesda could be bringing to the table this year.

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Relientk77267d ago

Excited to see a new Wolfenstein game. I'd like to see Elder Scrolls 6 as well, but I very much doubt it'll be at E3

Bigpappy266d ago

They will be showing at least one Scorpio related demo. Maybe Fallout4 VR, but it could be other stuff. But expect Bethesda to have a strong Scorpio showing.

--bienio--265d ago

I love to see a small info about The Elder Scrolls 6 but probably not gonna happen:( well we see...

Bigpappy265d ago

If they do, it will soon release. Bethesda doesn't show game until close to release.

_-EDMIX-_262d ago

It depends on the property.

What they did with Fallout 4 is not actually the norm of their releases.

265d ago
Takwin265d ago

ZERO PERCENT CHANCE WE SEE ELDER SCROLLS SIX. I'm thinking 2019 early fall release.

Barneyco265d ago

You're probably right. Has anybody heard if they are going to use a new engine for the fallouts or elderscrolls. The current one is really showing its age.