Need For Speed Full Reveal Coming Tomorrow

“Be there, you don't want to miss it" - NFS On Twitter

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Nu381d ago

I hope they reveal that it's been cancelled...

TXIDarkAvenger381d ago

Nah, then it would just get overlooked.

MilkMan382d ago

Unless this is going to be more Burnout and less Need for Speed what's the point?

Liqu1d381d ago

No thanks. I want NFS to be NFS again and less like Burnout, the Burnout influences ruined this franchise. EA should just bring back the Burnout franchise instead of trying to merge it into NFS.

XbladeTeddy381d ago

Well, if it's more Burnout than Need for Speed then it's not Need for Speed. It's like wanting the next Assassin's Creed game to be more like Splinter Cell so it's no longer Assassin's Creed...

AdmGenAladeen382d ago

If it's more of the same like the last 4 then do us a favor and flush it down the crapper where it belongs!

DaFeelz382d ago

Hoped they played a lot of FH3. Otherwise, if it's the same as their more recent outings, it's gonna tank. Bring back Burn Out! F*** NFS!

Blade92382d ago

FH3 is a completely different game. Your expectations are ridiculously unrealistic. And it's going to tank? NFS is still one of the most best selling, and one of the most popular racing game franchises for years.

DaFeelz381d ago

You're right. It' is ridiculously unrealistic to think EA can make an engaging, well thought out, infinitely replayable and fun racing game. Haven't done it in years. I don't want a NFS version of FH3 but to use it as a template of how to make a great racing game. If FH3 had cop chases NFS would be DONE. It's presence would no longer be necessary. They should consider themselves lucky Playground didn't think to add them. Whether you like it or not, FH3 is in fact the arcade racer to beat right now. It is. And NFS will be critically compared to it. Guaranteed. Other than cops and corny "grittiness" there really isn't much difference between the two. Let's do a check list between the two, of things they both share:
1. Open world - check
2. Car customization - check
3. Smashing through billboards - check
4. Arcade physics- check
5. Dumb gritty story - NFS
6. Cops - NFS
7. Dumb light hearted story - FH3
8. Actually fun - FH3
9. Enviable replay-ability - FH3
Honestly, after the Hot Wheels add-on, every upcoming arcade racer has their work cut out for them. Even NFS.

Oh yeah, and no more shitty live action B movie actors please.

Forn382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

I'd buy a remastered version of Burnout 3 a thousand times over before I buy a new NFS game.

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The story is too old to be commented.