Life is Strange - Prequel Leaks

Take it with a grain of Salt Life Is Strange Prequel leaked Images

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JayPi3295d ago

I think this would be better as maybe DLC or something. Personally I feel like this would be a bit of a letdown as I was hoping to see what happened after the events of the last game, or perhaps another story revolving around another youth with powers similar to Max.

FullmetalRoyale294d ago

I don't want anymore of these characters, because the story was already told masterfully. Of course when I beat it I wanted more, but Life is Strange 2 cannot involve Max because it would destroy the journey YOU took as her. And unless they were to account for every one of MY choices as well(which wouldn't be possible to build two games alongside one another), it just can't work.
I want to move on, into an entirely new setting, with new characters. I don't believe this "leak" is real anyway. It just doesn't make sense to go back to these specific characters again.

ReelBigMike294d ago

How would a prequel make sense? Didn't she not realize she had her powers until Life is Strange began? A prequel would just be playing as a normal middle school girl.