Prey's demo was running comfortably above 60fps in 4K at AMD's Computex conference

DSOGaming writes: "Yesterday, AMD showcased Prey running in 4K on two Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. However, that demo did not include any FPS counter and there was noticeable tearing. As such, we began wondering what was the point of showing this demo. And it appears we weren’t the only ones as a lot of people started questioning this upcoming graphics card, forcing AMD’s Raja Koduri to comment and state that the Prey demo was running with more than 60fps."

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XiNatsuDragnel355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

Damn Surpassing the scorps already.

Bigpappy355d ago

AMD made the chips in the Scorpio. They better be able to surpass it. This is their latest

Erik7357354d ago

I mean yea consoles always have kinda sucked when it comes to graphics. Though the first year ps4 came out I remember it could play bf4 at 60fps 1080p and ran on like high settings.

At the time you couldn't really get a machine for 400 dollars that could play something like that. But it's extremely outdated right now.

I play on 1440p and 144hz for most games and it's much nicer than 60fps and 1080p.

RedDeadLB353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

BF4 @ 900p and up to 60fps (not solid by any chance). But hey, anyone with a half decent rig can pull PS4 Pro or better performance. My 970 @ 1440p still does pretty well (BF4 @ ultra without MSAA, 90fps minimum).

dRanzer353d ago

Gamers buying ps4/pro because sony first party matter the hardware inside it..ppl love great games

zivtheawesome353d ago

I dont think it was mentioned in the article but IIRC they used 2 vegas for this demo

corroios353d ago

Bad move from AMD....

What i dont understand is why Prey doesnt run at 60 frames locked on a 1080TI? but that card isnt 11 or 12 teraflops powerhouse????

Cobra951353d ago

Hmm? Prey runs at over 90 fps (unlocked) at 1440p with best settings on a 1070, let alone a 1080, let alone a 1080ti. What are you talking about?

corroios353d ago

Did you read the news?

«After all, the GTX1080Ti can almost run Prey in 4K with 60fps (though it cannot maintain a stable 60fps experience at all times).»

_LarZen_353d ago

Shouldn't be a problem seeing how simple the graphics are in Prey.