Stolen PlayStation Games Stolen Again from Police Depot

In a report that is both hilarious and insanely worrying, the UK police announces that PlayStation 3 video games worth £600,000 (about one million US dollars) were stolen by the same band of thieves not once, but twice!

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3494d ago

This must have been the work of xbots who were exhausted by the 360's flop lineup.

Draperc3494d ago

No way, they're no where near smart enough to out wit the police. :P

Arsenal4Ever3494d ago

interesting. They know not to try it in London cause they won't get away with it. Why don't they steal Wii games instead? Oh yeah they want gore.

dro3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

:O the hell did they do it... :/

Draperc3494d ago

lmao that was awesome, bubbles.

ThanatosDMC3494d ago

HAHAHAHA... using only one word, you made my morning!

Raoh3494d ago


i was trying to think of something clever to say but hard to follow Octocamo

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Dragunov3494d ago

Umm police are as retard as bots, they cant do it.

Draperc3494d ago

Do you mean "Umm police aren't as retard as bots, they cant do it."
Or "Umm police are as retard as bots, they can do it."? No offense, but the grammatical errors in your sentence make it hard to understand what you're really trying to say.

Freezingduck3494d ago

Both the police and the thief are bots - both retarded

thus, both cannot do their their job right (e.g. rrod)

thief got caught

police got fooled

it's a tug of war between two retards - sad story

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The story is too old to be commented.