Despite negative press covfefe, Nintendo is doing just fine

The Nintendo Switch has fought an uphill battle, but despite the negative press covfefe it's selling just fine.


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FallenAngel1984501d ago

Satoru Iwata would be very proud

Overload501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

I think the Switch is cool, but I would say the press has been rather nice to Nintendo considering all of its downfalls like online infastructure, 3rd party support, availability, standard missing features, pricing, etc.

DivoJones501d ago

I was skeptical for those same reasons.. it's selling well enough now that I'll just sit on my hands and watch.

Vegamyster501d ago

Those are things that have been criticized or brought up, you can only talk about the same thing for so long before people stop clicking. Expect to hear a lot more complaints about 3rd party support if nothing is revealed at E3 or if the start charging for a barebones online ect.

501d ago
3-4-5501d ago

Availability isn't their fault. It's been reported that their are two components that are basically backlogged because of demand and companies like Apple are using the same chips and intel can only pump them out so fast.

Also the screen they are using is being used by other companies as well so that was the other one.

If not for that, Nintendo could pump out 18-20 million Switch's.

Once that roadblock is addressed then things will start to flow again but don't expect that to happen until late 2017 or early 2018.

freshslicepizza501d ago

"Standard missing features? Like the ability to play games? Because it is there since day one."

I guess by Nintendo's standards voice chat isn't.

"Price? It is not more than 300 USD so why is it that huge of an issue?"

$300 for an underpowered console but the value is its portability. Those who keep it docked are paying a premium for the hardware.

"Third party support? It will be the kind of third party support the 3DS got, which was different from PS4 and Xbox One but not at all worse."

That doesn't help its lack of Western third party supoort for major titles like Red Dead Redemption 2. Are they promoting the hardware to be a suppliment to another platform?

"Availability? Why is this a downfall for Switch but not for other platforms?"

Poor management of avialable stock. They created less than Microsoft and Sony during the same period of launch and last month saw a decrease in hardware availability for North America.

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Aenea501d ago (Edited 501d ago )


It IS more than 300 USD, it's €329 here....

For a console that has way less power than an Xbox One it's kinda expensive, especially if you are like me and rarely use it in handheld mode...

It has been available sporadically around here, only managed to snag one up last Friday, happy with it tho!

I don't care much for 3rd party support unless they are making games that are (console) exclusive for the Switch, any others I will get on the PS4 anyways...

BlackTar187501d ago

I would say I agree with availability issues being okay but let's be honest everything Nintendo releases has stock issues. It's actually quite irritating to me.

indyman7777500d ago

@overload come again? People like you trolling about third party support is way worse than the problems that are REAL. I even have heard many of you LYING trolls deny that Nintendo has always had a hardcore controller! Including the WII U pro controller and the SWITCH pro controller. And people acting like The SWITCH itself does not have a headphone jack when in fact only the controller does not have a headphone jack.

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chrisx501d ago

Lol at covfefe I see trumps inspiring this writer

cpayne93501d ago

I had to google this, was really confused at first lmao

EddieNX 501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

The negative press covfefe is FAKE NEWS! Seriously tho its been doing better than expected.

LOL_WUT501d ago

Just got my switch today had to get the warranty because you never know i heard they be bending ;)

jamstorr86501d ago

don't worry about the bending. I think that was one of those myths that circled during the launch by trolls.

LOL_WUT500d ago

@eddie just did check your inbox ;)

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