Big Christmas releases shipping without promised features

Microsoft's Fable 2 and Sony's LittleBigPlanet – two of the biggest releases due this side of Christmas – will both hit store shelves without some of the unique features promised by the development teams.

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jkoz3732d ago

Unacceptable, especially when both games were said to have gone gold. Last I checked, "going gold" meant the game was done. But if these weren't originally planned to be parts of the launch game, then why were they promoted as such? And so early on?

I wouldn't say delay the game, because then we just wait longer, but honestly, it seemed like when they show a feature a year or two in advance, that they might have it ready for the game's launch. But, these things happen. It's just very unfortunate.

n4gzz3732d ago

we buy their product, so they do it. :)

jlytle12343732d ago

you might consider the fact that sony may be finalizing how to regulate the content on littlepigplanet. They need to have a good plan to deal with the first porn, racist, sexist, hateful level that comes out so to avoid bad publicity. I guarantee youll be checking out levels online by christmas.

artral163732d ago

yall will buy the product

Kain813732d ago

i searched my feelings i know they have this prob^^

Fishy Fingers3732d ago

I extremely doubt it has anything to do with storage. I imagine they simply dont want to delay either game and miss their release dates.

ShinnokDrako3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Well... about Fable 2 i don't care cause i didn't like the first one and won't buy this, but about LBP... i don't care anyway, since it's fantastic and i'm going to get it asap. And a patch for the missing feature is going to be released soon anyway, so i prefer playing and practiging and then get the feature than wait longer (i'm playing it since i'm a beta tester and even without creating levels online with others i'm having huge fun).

Veryangry_xbot3732d ago

Comparing flopple with LittleBigSystemsellerTripleA.

Dont even mention a flop like Flopple with LBP in the same sentence, xbots.

Laexerias3732d ago

You did it twice, i should kill you and rape your corpse. :O
Just kidding... We gonna hang you. :)

marionz3732d ago

what dont mention what? LBP? oh yeah the little kids game where you play with sack people and make your own pen1s levels wow must be fun playing a level you actually made yourself, poor sony fanboys trying to make out like LBP is a system seller/killer give me a break, are you seriously so desperate for games that you have to hype this kiddy game up so much, oh sony fanboys c'mon lets get real here, 2.5d sackboys lol, its like klonoa but build it yourself, pft

LBP your only good game left for 08, looks like wee turd people but hey im sure you sony fangirls are used to playing with sh1t.

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The story is too old to be commented.