How Did Grand Theft Auto V Become So Successful?

GTA 5 was released around the changing of the console generation. While several other titles were released at that time, Rockstar knew how to take advantage

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PhoenixUp563d ago

GTAVI may not be as successful

annoyedgamer563d ago

There is something about the world Rockstar made that drew me in with GTA4. Even today..6 years later, I still get visions of it.

chrisx563d ago

I'm glad I'm not alone. There's just something abt GTA4 in particular

annoyedgamer563d ago

The ding sound of a new objective and the way the objects in the distance had a chaser effect that was almost photo-realistic,

EgoDogg562d ago

I feel the same way. Always thought it might be a nostalgia factor, but there was something about that world that resonates more with me than GTA V... or any of them for that matter

bloop563d ago

I have to say I think GTA IV got a lot of unwarranted hate, but I don't think it shits on V. GTA IV was a great game, but V was phenomenal.

ClayRules2012562d ago

I agree. I was surprised by the hate GTAIV received, GTAIV was pretty wonderful when it released. Wonderful world, and great story/characters. GTAV was on another level, compared to 4. Truly stunning, visually, along with truly fantastic characters, and an even more remarkable world!

Kabaneri563d ago

GTA4 DLC is better than 5..... The regular story just had you running around New York doing fetch quests for a catalog of racial stereotypes.

NotoriousWhiz562d ago

I would respond, but first I need to take Roman bowling.

ClayRules2012562d ago

LOL, I enjoyed taking Roman bowling!

Kuma563d ago

GTA5 is one of the all time great games and half of the reasons why are the great songs and the PC killing comedy.

ClayRules2012563d ago

I believe Rockstar's Love, Passion, and Respect for video games as an art form is the reason GTAV has been so successful.

They took a risk having 3 playable characters for the SP. That risk totally payed off "in my opinion" while I didn't care for Franklin, Michael & Trevor were such well written characters brought to life with such fantastic performances. Along with the side characters, who were equally as interesting & entertaining.

On top of that, Rockstar crafted a remarkable living, breathing open world, with wildlife, and pedestrians who went about their daily lives. The world of GTAV is absolutely gorgeous ( still to this day ) and for Rockstar to have achieved that kind of visual fidelity on PS3 is astonishing. Their attention to detail is awe inspiring!

The Multiplayer in the game, when I played it back in 2013, on PS3 ran extremely well. My friends & I had a wonderful time doing missions together & just messing around.

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The story is too old to be commented.