The Batman game we deserve (and the ones we need right now)

Let’s take a brief stroll through Gotham City and take a look at how the previous 'Batman: Arkham' games added improvements to keep Batman the hero we need – and we deserve.

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yeahright2562d ago

I'm batman'd out. He's become so over used and overrated. Maybe time to give other superheroes a go.

_-EDMIX-_562d ago

over used? LOL!

We only really had 3 good Batman games bud....relax

"Maybe time to give other superheroes a go"

Who said only one team can make super hero games? Having Batman doesn't mean you don't get another super hero game, is Spider Man not coming to PS4 by Insomniac?

yeahright2562d ago

I was talking batman in general, not just gaming.

_-EDMIX-_561d ago

@yea- and?

Your solution is for them to stop making money on a money making IP?

oooook then......

yeahright2561d ago

My solution is not to oversaturate the market with him. But I get it, Batman is cool beans and all that. I mean he's dark! And a tough guy! Sorry man, for me Batman has just become lame.
To me the batman during and pre No Man's Land was the best Batman, now writers are just coasting on him being cool and people like you buying up his stuff no matter what.

Look at it this way, you're always around saying xbox needs to get outside of forza gears and halo. But do you apply that same logic here? no. You say stay the course, and keep everything batman because it makes money. Halo makes money, but you want 343 to try something different.

gangsta_red562d ago

I agree, it's time to give some shine to other DC heroes that could use a good video game.

Superman, the most iconic hero of all is what I'm thinking should get a chance in the spotlight.

oIITSBIIo561d ago

Superman is lame, look at his movies they're so boring.

gangsta_red561d ago

How daaaare you!

I liked Man of Steel.

_-EDMIX-_561d ago


Batman IP makes more money then Superman.

If they can come up with a great Superman game, sure....but I don't see why that means NOT making a Batman game by another team.


Sooooo the Batman IP is worth literally almost DOUBLE the Superman IP.

You can go many ways with that universe.

Bruce Wayne is old, Dick Grayson must be Batman.
Bruce Wayne is old, Dick Grayson becomes NightWing, Batman retires
Bruce Wayne is old and Tim Drake becomes Batman, Nightwing is Dick Grayson etc
Bruce Wayne is old, Terry takes over and Batman Beyond

....Make Bruce old and I'll buy lol

They have lots of avenues to go down.

gangsta_red561d ago


No, Superman done right is literally worth triple the income of Batman.

Soooooooo i dont see any reason for there not to be a superman game.

And having two teams? That doesnt make sense, why would DC want to cannibilize their sales?

DC has to invest in their other franchises the same way Marvel does with Avengers and Gaurdians of the Galaxy.

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DillyDilly562d ago

We dont need anymore Batman games if you ask me for the time being

Zerito562d ago

I love Batman AF but tbh.... I'd love to see other DC Hero take the mantle. Like Arrow or someone like Zatanna, with different mechanics, run a bit from the Batman style. Arrow could have some parkour and lots of variation on Bows and Arrows, Zatanna introducing the magic stuff or even a Constantine detective magic stuff. Although, just my opinion.

Tuxmask55562d ago

Zatanna and White Rabbit?

DarthSocio562d ago (Edited 562d ago )

Arkham Knight was probably the worst game in the arkham series imo, yes worse than origins. I'm looking forward to insurgency since I actually enjoyed origins.

InMyOpinion562d ago

Playing it right now and I think it's one of the best games I've played this gen. I've played the others but this one is my favourite by far. I'm amazed by how well it's designed, how smooth and diverse the gameplay is and how INCREDIBLE it looks. The rain effetcs, the hi-res textures, how so much of the city is destructible. Hats off to Rocksteady. One of the best crafted games this gen alongside Witcher 3 and a couple others. You guys are too demanding imo. :)

FullmetalRoyale562d ago

I enjoyed it. But the interior stealth sections were what underwhelmed me, which was my favorite part of City. I think the batmobile wasn't fun to control. I dug the hell out of the story.

Legion21562d ago

I don't think they did enough to diversify the main story missions. They're constantly putting you in the batmobile to do everything.

DarthSocio562d ago

The game looks great but there's nothing in's like a big shiny empty chocolate box. There story is lacklustre and predictable, there's literally ZERO boss fights. It's basically go to one section, beat up militia, go to another section destroy their drones and tanks rinse and repeat.

Nodoze562d ago

Unfortunately I think Rocksteady has moved on. I for one, would LOVE a new Batman game, but more than likely we will not get one this generation.

Perhaps we will find out during E3 just what Rocksteady is working on. The word is Superman...but I just don't see that working out in the same way. He is bulletproof. What makes Batman accessible is that he is not immortal and does not have any powers.

Maybe a Green Arrow title? THAT would be very interesting.

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