Horizon: Zero Dawn violates the Hippocratic Oath of game design

Tom Chick - "The unfortunate fact of Horizon is that most of what it does well, other games have done better, and they did it with a compelling who and where. This is the game you play after you’ve finished The Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, and Far Cry: Primal. It is the greatest hits compilation of open-world games. Yeah, sure, you might want to own it, but the real connoisseur has the original albums."

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moegooner88355d ago

Tom Chick didn't like it, if that doesn't mean it is a good game, I don't know what does 🤷‍♂️.

coolbeans355d ago

Actually, that score specifically translates to "did like the game" on his site.

moegooner88355d ago

So did his TLOU score, but the overall tone of such reviews are usually negative. He tries to justify the scores by saying he "liked " the games in question. But as someone who played those games, I can easily tell he is trying too hard.

dirkdady353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Uh he's got Asscreed and Farcry primal in the same sentence as Horizon and for that reason "im out" - Barbara

Btw- Horizon had writers from Fallout NV and Witcher and quest designers as well. So he can take his "they should take cues from these writers" and shove it.

thekhurg353d ago

He even spells her name Eloy in the comments below.

Dude just trolled the review scene.

coolbeans353d ago (Edited 353d ago )


-"So did his TLOU score, but the overall tone of such reviews are usually negative."

I'd have to say that's not a fair representation of the overall tone of said review. Negative about the game design? Sure. But those harsh criticisms stemmed against the gameplay which, frankly, isn't all that unique to just him. In regards to the story? He lays out several paragraphs examining minute details he appreciated about the characters, themes, and directing.


-"Btw- Horizon had writers from Fallout NV and Witcher and quest designers as well. So he can take his "they should take cues from these writers" and shove it."

Just having *X writer from other game* doesn't automatically mean it'll be of the same quality. And I don't mean that to imply Horizon's writers were just lucky once or something. From what I'm aware, there seems to have been a lot of re-re-re-writing during the game's development, which means some things get messy behind the scenes.

^literally one of the first side quests I decided to complete in the game.

@disagrees from my first comment

None of what I said is incorrect. That's LITERALLY what a 3/5 translates on his ratings system: http://www.quartertothree.c...

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RommyReigns353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

Nice to start the month with such delusion in articles. Like the monthly 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G' awards I'll kickstart the brand new 'Most Deluded Article on N4G - June 2017' award (the only criteria is that the article must be fully approved on N4G and not remaining on the 'Pending' section)., you've just earned yourself a nomination!

Note - If any of you guys want to post nominations for either one of the 'Most Deluded Comment' or 'Most Deluded Article' for this month, feel free to message me the nomination and at my discretion I will put together a list of the top ten for you guys to vote on.

moegooner88353d ago

Want some chips with that salt ??

OtterX353d ago's "15 Reasons You Should Be Embarrassed To Love PlayStation" was high in the running, however N4G mods rightfully pulled it down after about a day or so.

rainslacker351d ago

Surely there are articles more worthy? This is just a poor review, and never actually defined what the hippocratic oath of gaming was, or how it related to Horizon.

Nyxus355d ago

I disagree completely.

Razzer354d ago (Edited 354d ago ) do I. It is like he played a totally different game than what I experienced.

And this Hippocratic oath of game design? Geez...trying too hard to seem clever.

curtis92353d ago

Have you ever played Ubisoft games? Like Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Watch dogs? If you're honestly denying this game doesn't borrow heavily from those on almost every single front then you're a blind fanboy. And don't give me that tired "It has an amazing story" schtick either. We're talking about gameplay here.

Razzer353d ago

Yes, it borrows heavily from those games. So what? The gameplay in Horizon is awesome. Does the fact that Horizon borrows aspects from other games make it a worse game? Nope.

And yes, it has an awesome story.

AspiringProGenji353d ago


And have you played Horizon? If so then you realize that it doesn't feel like an Ubisoft game at all. It has its Identity and it sticks to its concept all the time. The elements it borrows from other games, it doesn't overuse them. That's the best thing about the game

P_Bomb353d ago

By that logic should no one like anything after the early 90's SNES era? Cuz everything is inspired by something. Music only has so many notes. It's what you do with them that counts.

Ubisoft doesn't own a patent on open worlds or hypocratic oaths on anything. Their Splinter Cell wouldn't even exist without Metal Gear. Watch Dogs ain't the first game where you could steal a car and drive away.

Assassins Creed is an annual formulaic derivative commercial affair with a dozen entries in as many years. I skipped Syndicate cuz I own a ton of them and didn't need another. Horizon is more fresh than anything Ubisoft's done since pirates. If Tom Chick thinks Far Cry and AC are where the buck stops, then he's part of the problem behind assembly line development. If suits think all you want is Far Cry 50, that's what you'll get. And oh look, another Far Cry game JUST got announced! But but but...this one's got rednecks! Sold!

Shoot me.

CrimsonPheonix353d ago

"Yes, it borrows heavily from those games. So what? The gameplay in Horizon is awesome. Does the fact that Horizon borrows aspects from other games make it a worse game? Nope."

Now use the same statement for Breath of the wild

Razzer353d ago


I actually have said that in the past. BotW borrows from those same games as well. Doesn't lessen the game in any way.

tontontam0353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

UBISOFT games borrow heavily from Mario, the jump button is heavily used in their games.

_-EDMIX-_353d ago

@Curtis- Ubisoft didn't invent open world games...

Might as well say all of gaming is copying Pong or "you're a blind fanboy".

Sorry but its just a flawed argument and you can apply that to all games ever made past a certain point.

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UCForce354d ago (Edited 354d ago )

Yup, the game has been praised by critics and consumer. This article tried turn from positive to negative which is no good. "sigh"

SirBradders353d ago

Maybe he had a bad last half of the day.

AspiringProGenji355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

"... and they did it with a compelling who and where."

That sounds like a lot of cherry pick to me. And you put MGSV there as an example of " a Who," whose main character was much worse than Aloy. That makes the entire article biased and flawed.

Moreover it's like he turned every positive thing about this game into a negative. Who cares whether a post apocalyptic setting is green or grey? Really? Comparing this to Fallout?

rainslacker351d ago

I really enjoyed the game play of MGSV, although did dislike the incarnation of snake and generally boring story, but the open world itself was dreadfully dull with almost no variety other than a different layout to a desert villiage or jungle town. Outside a few bigger areas like the airport and what not, the super repetative nature of the quests was mostly just the same thing with a different objective over and over again. While some of the S rank and tasks were fun to do, it didn't make the world itself all that exciting.

CrimsonPheonix353d ago

Someone making an argument that doesn't agree with your beliefs so you must shut them up,
how religious of you.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08353d ago (Edited 353d ago )

It is nitpicking at it's finest. Don't judge me!

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