How Does the Xbox Differ from the Xbox 360

How does the Xbox differ from the Xbox 360? This is probably one of the biggest questions for people who either own the late model and are curious about the new one. Also, this question would be plaguing the minds of those who do not have either, but are thinking of purchasing one.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3702d ago

They both suck so no matter.

Besides the Xbox had only one good game that was overrated

The 360 is taking pride in delivering a steady stream of flops to the naive xbots.

Two failures back and forth

Good job Microsoft/sarcasm

power of Green 3702d ago

Ok I thought it was fun the first time or two but you guys need to stop posting this sh*t.

The only thing this dude got right is that the 360 shows it is more powerful every month(first post from this site).

mikeslemonade3702d ago

The only time 360 has shown progressive power is 11/06 with Gears 1 and 8/07 with Bioshock. Everything as far exclusives have look visually worst compared to those two games.

yamamoto1143702d ago

@1.1: Worse*.

I think the real question is, why does this guy actually expect anyone to purchase the original Xbox over the 360? Right when he says "those who do not have either, but are thinking of purchasing one", I just stopped reading. Because srsly, wut?

Kleptic3702d ago

yeah this dumb author stated the 'original is not that out of date, ya know?'....srsly wtf?...the original was dropped by MS nearly 2 years ago...

that support from the parent company anymore.....translated: never buy one under any circumstances unless you are one of those legacy system would be better off buying a Jaguar; as the homebrew scene for that still releases games for it...

and why are these articles so poorly written?...

PikkonX3702d ago

Seems like that article was written 2 or 3 years ago and the author just got around to posting it.

ChrisGTR13702d ago

wtf is this? sorry but this was posted 3 years too late for anyone to care.

psiom3702d ago

I agree...

Whoever is posting these stupid things is just doing everybody a dis service.

Can't some one keep this crap in check? It's not even a matter of trollish content this time.

It's simply useless junk, and a complete waste of time.

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The story is too old to be commented.