Prey Review - SuperGen

SuperGen says, "Prey is a game that almost didn’t exist. The original released back in 2006 after eleven full years of on-again, off-again type of development cycles. After such a long period, it was surprisingly good! Naturally, fans of the game wanted more, and it wasn’t long before we started seeing glimpses of Prey 2. Then in 2009, Bethesda acquired the rights to the franchise, and things start to get a little rocky. After many delays, a potential cancellation and then a changing-of-minds, the latest title in the series was finally handed off to Arkane Studios. Known for their work on the Dishonored series, the studio and Bethesda decided it would be best to start from ground zero, and re-imagine the series in a new light. Thus, the second installment in the series is simply called Prey, and it feels very much like an extension of everything Arkane has ever worked on."

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