TechPowerUp: OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 Flex II 4 GB Review

TechPowerUp writes: "OCZ has outdone themselves with the PC2-9200 Flex II 4GB kit. From a great retail presentation to an excellent accessory selection, to great cooling and performance. While the issue of the sheer size of these modules heatspreaders is of concern due to blocking the remaining memory sockets on most if not all motherboard layouts, it should only be a serious problem for those users with a motherboard layout that places the dual channel memory sockets directly next to each other rather than staggered."


* Runs past rated 1150 MHz at CL5 with even less than the recommended 2.1V
* Capable of over 1200 MHz at CL5 and 2.4V
* Roughly half the power consumption of 4 GB (1 GB x4) kits
* Unique Flex II heatspreaders with the ability to watercool
* 4 GB to use for newer, more resource hungry games and applications
* Great retail presentation and accessories kit
* Runs at 800 MHz at CL4 with as little as 1.8V so buyers should have no problem installing and POSTing without special adjustments
* Capable of 800 MHz at CL3, however at a toasty 2.4V


* Blocks remaining two memory sockets on most if not all motherboards
* Low maximum overclock at CL4 comparatively
* Less than desirable voltage scaling
* 32-bit Windows can only use up to 3 GB of memory

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