Prey Drops To $40 Less Than A Month After Launch

You can now get the sci-fi shooter for $20 off.

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Nitrowolf2356d ago

Ive held off on buying a lot of at launch, unless its through amazon which gives you a discount.

Price drops like these are becoming more and more common

annoyedgamer355d ago

Yea, this time lat generation, the games would be on sale for $49 at the lowest. I just got MGSV for $10 and I paid $25 for Deux Ex, $38 for the Steelbook of Hitman, $20 for Doom, i'm not sure what prices that low mean other than the games seem to have less perceived value.

brokasfawk355d ago

I'll wait till they are discounted on the deals with gold
I've picked up a ton of games cheap without leaving the couch

Derceto355d ago

Another "AAA" release, another 30% reduction after a month. Who buys games day 1 anymore, only to see the "complete" game get released later, and packaged altogether?

zuul9018355d ago

I guess it depends on your backlog/ how bored you are. I havent bought a day one in a long while but if I was outta stuff, bored, or it was something I REALLY wanted I would.

zeal0us355d ago

$35-30 and I'll maybe consider it.

derkasan355d ago

It's amazing to see how much Final Fantasy XV dropped down in price. Thought I got a good deal when I picked it up for $30, but now it's even cheaper!

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The story is too old to be commented.