Gran Turismo Sport vs GT6: A Generational Leap?

DF writes: "We'll have a full analysis from final code, but for now, here's how the GT Sport beta shapes up on the Nurburgring vs Gran Turismo 6."

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Septic565d ago

Definitely looks a lot better than what was initially shown. A bit worrying about the online but it's just a beta and this has progressed massively from what was shown early on. Good stuff.

Overload565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Here is a great comparison, being compared to GT6.

Here are some beautiful gifs

564d ago
freshslicepizza564d ago

Will you guys stop with the replay shots and gifs and show gameplay instead? We all know the frame rate drops significantly (on both the regulay PS4 and Pro) when in replay mode because it increases the image quality.

Overload564d ago


The 1st gif is a gameplay comparison. Lol.

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UltraNova564d ago

This is why they had the beta. I'm sure they will fix the net code by release.

That said I'm really excited Polyphony finally listened and fixed the sound design because after playing Driveclub and Project cars I could never go back to that muffled mess.

freshslicepizza564d ago

Does the game support dedicated servers? Seems odd that this generation because Sony appears to be pulling back on using dedicated servers, even though some games had them on the PS3. Especially now since they charge to play online on the PS4.

Revvin564d ago

Online has always been one of the franchises weaker spots. The beta is ok but didn't blow me away and I'm struggling to be enthusiastic when my enjoyment is further hampered by Sony's anti-gamer, anti-consumer approach to Fanatec support. My CSW V2 works great with Project CARS, Dirt Rally etc. but because Sony won't allow legacy support a perfectly working wheel on the PS4 is blocked from working with future games. Sony were pretty open with legacy support with the PS3 but it seems now they have the upper hand this generation of consoles they are less open.

C-H-E-F564d ago

Looks like it can work...


on select games, however, there are adapters as well for the ps4 to work with the wheel.

Revvin564d ago

C-H-E-F> I did mention it works with PCars, sadly that won't be the case for the sequel later this year because of this decision by Sony. The very fact it works in PCars and Dirt Rally shows there is no hardware limitation, indeed the drivers exist in the system to make it work so its not a software issue either, its a cold hard business decision by Sony to not allow working hardware to work in new games and that is really unforgiveable. I think it should be left to the developer to choose to support hardware rather than have to buy further hardware/adaptors which can add input lag and lower fidelity.

InKnight7s564d ago

I do really hope we get better camera angles and not only the classics one, get real damage, sound of engines and tires. Cause these thing will make it more alive game.

Zeke68564d ago

Downloading a HUGE (17,something GB I think it was) 1.06 patch for the beta right now !! Last big update added better physics and car handling, can't wait to try out whats new in this build later today :)

AmUnRa564d ago (Edited 564d ago )

Are the graphics a generational leap over GT6? YES
Are the physics a generational leap over GT6? YES
Is the sound a generational leap over GT6? YES
is the lighting a generational leap over GT6? YES
Are the details a generational leap over GT6? YES
Are the car details a generational leap over GT6? YES
Are the trees and the suroundings a generational leap over GT? YES
Is the car handeling a generational leap over GT6 YES

So GT Sport will be in my PS4 day one.😉

andrewsquall564d ago

Not sure about that. Gran Turismo 5 and 6 had realtime day to night cycles and lighting and shadows and then dynamic weather too while pushing almost native 1080p too.
This is like a step down the exact same way Forza has been this entire gen after 4 games so far. Thank goodness Forza 7 is going the dynamic weather route finally with actual volumetric clouds forming in the sky too like in Driveclub. Apparently Scorpio was needed for standard Xbone to be able to pull this off though lol???

mcstorm564d ago

TBH I think Forza MS has come on a lot since PlayGround started working with them on Horizon and they both use each game to add new bits as well as the last games tech. For me Forza and Horizon are the two games to beat in the Arcade and Sim gore but what I have seen from GTS dose look like they are putting a lot that was wrong in 5 and 6 right which is always a plus and could be the start of GT becoming what we expect form its developers.

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