Michael Condrey Confirms No Unlimited Sprint in Call of Duty: World War II

It has been revealed that Call of Duty: World War II will not feature unlimited sprint.

Replying to an inquiring fan on Twitter, Sledgehammer’s Michael Condrey confirmed that WWII would not return unlimited sprinting, which has been the default in recent years.

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Duke19446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

Unlimited Running isn't really a "critical" feature imo. Hell this may actually improve the feel of the game (at least in MP)

Krysis446d ago

It's not critical in the sense that it must be in the game, but it's omission is a multi-player game changer and should make things far more tactical.

4Sh0w446d ago

'meh it's doesn't bother me one way or other. CoD players will just adapt, then they will find something else to cry about.

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UCForce446d ago

I don't think is a big deal really.

Relientk77446d ago

I feel like some of the others didn't have unlimited sprint

Asuka446d ago

yeah you're right. most of the older titles did not have unlimited sprint, but did offer a perk to increase sprint duration or grant unlimited sprint. Don't know why this is surprising some people tbh

Relientk77446d ago

Yeah, that's what I thought

Krysis446d ago

Because it's COD and it has been in the game for over a decade.

NarooN446d ago


Unlimited sprint has not been in the game for over a decade. The sprint feature itself has been in the series since CoD1: United Offensive, the 'sequel' to CoD 1. The first game in the series to have a way to sprint forever was MW2, which was only available via the Pro version of a perk. The first game to have a way to extend the sprint duration was CoD4, with the Extreme Conditioning perk.

The vast majority of CoD games have not had unlimited sprint, so I'm not sure why people are freaking out over its omission in this game.

theshredded446d ago

What? There's s unlimited sprint? No wonder the new titles suck

bunt-custardly446d ago

I wonder if enemy AI grenade spamming will return in the SP. Gotta love that on Veteran.


Vegamyster446d ago

I remember World at War was terrible for that, i don't think i bothered finishing it on Vet for that reason.

mafiahajeri446d ago

I did man it was not fun :)

Vegamyster446d ago

Ouch haha. I completed CoD 4 on Vet which was bad enough, wasn't willing to deal with the same respawning 1-2 shot aimbot enemies who all learned to toss 2 or 3 nades at a time in WaW, drove me crazy lol.

InTheLab446d ago

The grenade landing sound drowned out every other noise much like how the screen filled with grenade indicators!

The only thing worse was the clown car A.I that wouldn't stop until you moved past an imaginary line

DeathtoOtakuDJ446d ago

I remember struggling for weeks just to get half way through veteran campaign. I made the mistake of also getting the death cards at the same time. BIG MISTAKE. The game hard crashed and wiped my saved. I said F THAT and never went back... I should finish the fight though.

KillZallthebeast446d ago

Lol I finished it, but it was the last time I ever played a COD game on veteran.

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UCForce446d ago

Oh my god, that World at War Veteran difficulty.

WilliamSheridan446d ago

I hated unlimited sprint. It shouldn't be there. It as always a tactical choice of when to sprint. Also the gameplay becomes too twitchy...

Kombatologist446d ago

Agreed. Search & Destroy has been my favorite game type since MW1, but it's virtually unplayable now because of how fast the game has become. Unlimited run certainly didn't help. I hope the speed of CoD:WW2 is more on par with MW1 again.

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