Rumor Control: The Xbox 360 Slim

X3F: "Many of our tipsters are flooding us with the same information; according to a blog named Split-Screen, Microsoft confirmed and announced a Slim model of the Xbox 360 at a recent event in India. Instead of just posting the rumor without checking sources we decided to do a little detective work to confirm or deny the existence of the Xbox 360 Slim."

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psiom3726d ago

This is funny...

"we decided to do a little detective work to confirm or deny the existence of the Xbox 360 Slim"

and yet you read their article, and the slim model is neither CONFIRMED nor DENIED.


It's a slow news day.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3726d ago

The slim 360 unfortunately will be unable to stop the RROD

nickfr3726d ago

Obviously, if it would come out next year, it would destroy the sales of the 'old/fat' 360 over the '08 holiday period, so who would expect a confirmation.
On the other hand for anyone who feels that the 360 is slowly loosing the race against the PS3 wants to hear some news that the 360 is not abandoned in a year or 2 (like the previous xbox); the slim version shows some sustainability towards the future of the 360 platform. So who would expect a denial.
They should have leaked the rumour in January next year...
just bad PR

TheMART3726d ago

Depends, sell the fat one cheaper and people will buy it. There are different groups of consumers that step in on a certain price level.

The same reason the PS2 keeps selling. The constant drop of price where new people step in.

Dragunov3726d ago

But will be perfect to make some cheeseburgers

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3726d ago

Confirmed through Sucktaku:The new 360 slim will cook cheeseburgers,hot pockets and 3 kinds of rice.

Excellent.Job well done

timmyrulz3726d ago

Cheese burgers? Dont you need a george Sony grill to cook the meat? It may not stop RROD but it will keep the ps3 in last postition

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