10 Xbox One Games That Make the Console Worth Buying

With the upcoming release of Project Scorpio, and Microsoft’s commitment to first-party games for the Xbox, it seems like Xbox fans have a bright future ahead. But upcoming games and consoles aren’t the only reason to be excited for Xbox. Over the last few years, Xbox has released some stellar first-party exclusive titles that make the console worth purchasing now.

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vikingland1296d ago

I agree with this, well done.

Nu295d ago

Gears 4 and Horizon not Dawn are the only reason someone should buy the console. PlayStation is clearly the better choice unless you like Gears or Horizon.

bluefox755295d ago

Even those aren't a reason to buy Xbox, PC would be a better option, it has superior versions of those games, plus many more.

Nu295d ago

BlueFox you are absolutely right, no need for a Microsoft console after all.

vikingland1295d ago

I have a PS4 Pro and it's my primary gaming machine but, I happen to like all the games on the list. I don't see anything wrong with that.

ApexWolf22296d ago

My gripe is that there's a handful of indies in that list as well. Where are the big AAA titles that sold consoles? I miss MechAssault, Crimson Skies, RARE (when it mattered) , the sega exclusives like GunValkyrie and Panzer Dragoon orta. Anybody remember Otogi?Microsoft had way more variety on it's first console than todays current market.

yeahright2295d ago

Not a strong list for someone like me.
forza gears halo and halo master chief collection do nothing for me.
Ori, rare replay and killer instinct are cool time killers at best.
state of decay I have on 360 and X1 digitally but never played, so that's a maybe.
D4 would be a solid entry but I got it on steam a while back.
Sunset overdrive? absolutely.

To cater the list to me, and pretending I don't have a PC, I only need 5 games to get my interest in order to buy a console.
Sunset overdrive
Ryse (disagree if you like, but I enjoyed it)
dead rising 3
Quantum break (I know everyone says it's bad but I'd rather form my own opinion, so I'll buy on sale.)

I would have put crackdown on there, but it's been a long wait, starting to worry if something's going wrong with development.

Now the issue for me is I have a PC, so 4 of my 5 picks are moot. And while I love Sunset overdrive, it alone isn't enough for me to rebuy an X1. I say this knowing I'm in the minority, but MS made my X1 redundant by releasing all their games that I care about on PC.