A Sega Saturn Retrospective: Sega's Underrated Console

Over two decades ago, Sega released their ill-fated Sega Saturn, a console that was supposed to rival the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. This 2D powerhouse was poorly marketed and didn't survive until the end of the generation, but hordes of old school gamers will find many gems and unique titles on this near-forgotten
platform. It remains one of the most underrated consoles of all time and is more elusive than ever.

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FallenAngel1984331d ago

It was the result of Sega's mismanagement that did it in

corroios330d ago

It was 2D powerhouse, but times were changing for 3D....

DivineAssault 330d ago

I loved and still love my Saturn.. I bought the thing when it was clearanced out at TRU and it was a great treat to play near arcade perfect games from Japan.. The amount of US titles werent very good but there were some really excellent games in all regions. This was my arcade machine with sprinkles of rpg games.. Playstation coupled with poor management killed it and i doubt anyone can deny that but it wasnt a bad console at all.. The games are so coveted that its one of the most expensive systems to collect for.. I always loved that most games doubled as soundtracks when played on CD players. Sega shouldve stood their ground and made 2D games leaving 3D to Sony until the following gen. Then maybe they wouldnt have killed off their consoles mid cycle. Lastly, Sega is the #1 reason nintendo doesnt have a monopoly on developers anymore so that deserves credit.. Especially at a time when the NES was considered the only console worth having.

gamejediben330d ago

I still have my Saturn hooked up and I still play stuff on it. Just finished the fan translation of Policenauts. Radiant Silvergun is still the best Shoot em up of all time and my favorite strategy RPG of all time, Shining Force III, is still exclusive to the Saturn. Lots of fan translations of amazing Japanese exclusives. If you like Shoot em ups, RPGs and Fighters, this is the console for you!

rainslacker330d ago

still love Magic Knight Rayearth and Guardian Heroes on it.

Einhander1971330d ago

Yep my Saturn hooked up to, underrated 2D powerhouse that's why I love it even more. 2D shooters on Saturn are second to none. All the gems for this beauty came from Japan, thank god for imports.

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