Sega signs publishing deal with former Lionhead leaders

Sega Europe has signed a publishing partnership with Two Point Studios - the independent developer formed by two former Lionhead bosses.

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Freedomland390d ago

Sega is trying to gain the traction again, has been signing contracts and reshuffling IPs lately.

_-EDMIX-_390d ago

Don't sleep on Sega folks.

Been saying this for years, they are sleeping giants.

They bought Atlus, Relic and Creative Assembly last gen.

The make smart buys and they are very conservative in terms of business.

TheCommentator390d ago

They're much more stable than any of the other big Japanese devs these days. Konami, Capcom, even SE are all making some really bad mistakes with their businesses.

_-EDMIX-_390d ago


Thats what many don't get.

Last gen ,Square went YOLO with titles likes FFXIII, Konami lost many developers and is almost out of console gaming, Capcom went FULL BLOWN YOLO and even entertained selling the company

Square is doing better, but it took that gen to make them realize they can't just go ultra yolo like that.

Capcom is out here needing Nintendo, Sony AND MS to fund many of their projects, SFV failing ,RE7 is only a great title because Capcom couldn't afford to chase COD (THANK GOD). It legit took this company almost going out of business to start to act conservative in terms of business.

They outsource, they need soooo many other companies to help them out and its clear their output is less then last gen.

Sega has stayed conservative on their spending, didn't try to go yolo and chase "Call Of Duty" and made very smart moves.

This company didn't risk their damn business last gen like other Japanese companies did and look at them now. Buying teams left and right and making smart moves. For them to buy a Crytek team and some of Lionhead's staff is just amazing.

I've followed them as a business for a while and always felt they where makings smarter moves last gen then MOST Japanese publishers.

Freedomland390d ago

I really really like to see this company to flourish and to go back to the glory days, once it had.
Some of my favorite MD titles are:
Generations lost, Stargate, Shinobi, Beyond Oasis, Road Rash, Deep Space Nine and NBA Jam TE.

fenome390d ago

Cool, I didn't know they bought Atlus too.

TheCommentator390d ago

🐶 < "SEGA!"

Genesis does what Nintendon't!!!

Blast Processing.

Man, the old days were awesome...

Last_Boss390d ago

No joke there. I miss booting my Master System up, for some Shinobi, OutRun, Alien Syndrome & Double Dragon.

Paytaa390d ago

I wonder how much different the bickering between Sega v Nintendo compared to Xbox v PlayStation would be if the Internet was as widespread and mainstream appeal was identical.

Last_Boss390d ago (Edited 390d ago )


I think it would be really tame. SEGA actually made an incredible amount of good games then, so did Nintendo. There was a better unity and amount of respect during that time. Plus they didn't force players to play just multiplayer games.

XXanderXX390d ago (Edited 390d ago )

So what's the games concept seeing how a publishing deal has been announced before anything is known of said game .Be funny if the game turned out to be crap .

thatguyhayat390d ago

Seems like sega really is getting back in the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.